Scientists have discovered that the system is to spread life from star to star


Wikipedia ™ Mobile Desktop Content is available under CC BY-SAThe last panspermia idea confirmed.

Scientists from Harvard University have developed a mathematical model. It shows that organic life can be spread.

So, the "relay of life" passed from a star to a star in the Milky Way.

Panspermia – moving live organisms through place. This idea is not new, but it has been considered on a large scale. A computing module has been created to prove that an exchange system can be in the basics that are defined as biological components for source of life.

Researchers from Harvard University have a lawyer knowledge that the solar system is a "network fishing" for the capture of inter-state objects of this type. Larger star systems such as alpha Centauri can extract whole planet planets.

"Passengers who leave" – ​​are craggy or foggy shapes; crushed over their native system, they can travel light years. If we accept that such a life can be for millions of years, it must be millions of items even in the " Our warehouses, which are the ones to start life even at the worst mathematical models. This means that panspermia is capable of theoretical, not only in the case; Whaling seagulls, there may be interactive things of this type.

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