Scientists have found more than 100 exoplanets, and seven are similar to Earth.


Source title: Scientists have found more than 100 exoplanets. There are seven similarities to Earth.

According to a Russian satellite network on the 6th, an international team of rhetoricians used to look at ground telespoons and space to find more than 100 planets outside the solar system within three months, and # 39 ; including 7 Like Earth in some features.

According to reports, the results of the survey are published in The Astronomical Journal.

Find a group of scientists led by astrologers at Tokyo University. Scientists analyzed previous earth and terrestrial dattaopas, and including Kepler telescope, and spent three months working on the features of 227 other planets, with 104 of them being identified as out of the system. Planet.

According to reports, there are seven planets that are similar to Earth in particular features. For example, they are rocky planets with a hard surface that moves around a star different from the sun. However, the orbital period is shorter than Earth, less than 24 hours, and a lot of times is so light on Earth.Return to Sohu and see more

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