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At Beijing's time on November 28, the unattractive satellite refers to a satellite that's a? affecting a distinct planet outside the solar system, called "exoplanet." Since 2009, Kepler and Administrative Transit Excavator (TESS) have recently discovered almost 4,000 exoplanets, but there is only one satellite outside the plane. Explained, and still not sure whether it's satellite.

The Kepler-1625b promise and the soldiers that are likely to be estimated to be Neptune. The researchers said that the satellite and other similar soldiers could give their own troops.

In October 2018, told David Kipping, a rhetorologist at Columbia University, and the graduate student, Alex Teachey, in the Science Advancements magazine. A very attractive satellite.

Using NASL Space Hubble Telescope, researchers investigated Kepler-1625b (Kepler-1625b) over a star. This is a simile plan to Jupiter, which blocks some of the long while & # 39; as he goes through the star By analyzing her & # 39; lightweight side, the characteristics of its planet can be determined.

This passwords are the transit method (occlusion). Expert singers have used this way to find thousands of exoplanets. However, the researchers found two amazing things as long as they were. Looking at the Kepler-1625b process flying over the star. Initially, the exoplanet escaped over the star for 1.25 hours earlier than expected, and showed something to go; disturb him. The second man, after the planet has completely starred, there is a very small gap in the & # 39; light side, which can be satellite recommended behind Kepler-1625b.

David Kiping said: "We have set out as many other options as possible, such as detection errors, other system actions in the system, or other star actions, but we can not comment Find out what we interpret on our hands. All data on it. "

This satellite satellite is around the same size as Neptune, about the third of the Kepler-1625b. Normal satellite size is significantly smaller than its planet; going, so this book is very spectacular. As long as there is a concern to the current model of the system of the current system, so satellite should be quite rare if it exists.

The quality of the Kepler-1625b is considered about several times at Jupiter, and & # 39; the satellite quality may not be capable of just 1.5% off. This great ratio is similar to Earth and its; Moon. In Earth and Moon system, its moon is thought to have been created by the debris of rocky planning collisions. However, scientists believe that Kepler 1625b and its satailites are capable of being in a gaseous planet and are not made up of rocks, and so this satellite may have been created by various processes.

"We can not hit the champagne designation now open," said Alex Titcher. "But everything looks interesting, appealing and positive."

Finding life on satellite off camera?

Some scientists say that unattractive satellites can become a "very talented" world, which means they are good places to stay. This is because these soldiers are not limited to having a # 39; Use light energy from the parent star in the system. Instead, they can extract energy from elsewhere, such as:

Gathered light Fixed light or thermal radiation from nearby plans can maintain long-term long-term temperature and can stimulate life movement and reconstruction.

Radical dimension. Radial elements such as uranium and thorium may be in deep shape in the form of a rock of extraterrestrial satellites in the likeness of similar Earth, and over time these elements will slowly slow down and slowly decrease; heat out to the surface of the satellite.

The tidal force. A great draw of exoplanet, such as Jupiter or Saturn size, may be possible to include extraterrestrial satellites, a & # 39; creating tidal armies, similar to the tidal changes that have been made by pulling the moon's trouble on Earth. When the surface of the satellite made up of stones is pulled by the magnificent pull of the exoplanets, the heat that creates the surface of the satellite can be reached.

There are about 175 satellite in the solar system in which we are. Many of these soldiers have these features, and two are also powerful candidates for external life: satellite Jupiter, Europa (Meowe) and satellite satellites (Saturday).

Roofed surface is covered with strip strips in the two satellites that created brutal armor, at a temperature not exceeding 128 degrees Celsius. However, just a few kilometers below the surface, there is a very dense ocean with wet water that exceeds the amount of water on the ground. Where dry water is present, there may be life.

Where are the other stars outside a band?

Some rhetorologists suggest that many of these frozen lines may be possible with submarine seas in the Mutual Route, which may be 100 to 1000 times larger than Land planets, but very hard to find.

The parent Kepler-1625b is about 8,000 years old light from Earth, which makes it a very small place on Earth, but with advanced detection methods, scientists can see the weak wheels of the planet as it is ; go to the front. South-West For Kepler-1625b, this satellite is very easy to find as a result of its large size. However, for other chattels outside a similarly similar plane to Europe, equal to one quarter of the Earth's measure, it is not so easy to find a mark "gap" when they go to the star. Under current technical conditions, these gaps are too small to be clearly identified. So, we need a little more tolerance to get more satellite.

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