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Network News Network said on November 24, British media said that there was a ghost galaxy behind the dust and the gas disk that composes the Slow Route, look different from other diseases previously seen by people. No matter what some of the stars say – but explore other research their results.

According to the "New Scientist" in Britain reported on November 16, the dwarf galaxies that have now been found are the third part of the Seaway size. It is located in the Constellation of Antria, 450 million light years from Earth. It is called "Antelia-2" – no "Ante-2".

The researcher Gabriel Torealva said: "It's like some galaxies around the Harbor Route. We know they've been around for many years. But there are 10 times more of these galaxies, and its clarity is spread in the spectrum. The larger area makes it very treey and therefore more difficult to find. "

According to reports, he and the "Ante-2" team with a clear star called RR Lyle have changed and the RR Lyle's bright stars are changing, becoming clear and dark for a long time. As you know, at least one such finish is running at least with the stars around.


Great ghost

According to the report, Torre Yarwa and his colleagues used the four stars RR Lyle that were inspected by the Gaia satellite to monitor the position and movement of nearby star and Mapping the Way Beautiful and around. The team found that the set of sharp starred stars were together.

The report said that they measured the light of 100 giant red stars around the four RR stars and found that they moved at the same pace, which meant they were at the same galaxy. But these stars also show that the galaxies in which they are weird.

Based on the distance, the research team concluded that the "Ante-2" is large, which includes about 9,500 years of light. But for such a galaxy, it is very difficult. This is because the spreading range is even 100 times larger than the galaxy hyper-diffusion disease. This means that the "Ante-2" surface clarity is the lowest of the known star systems.

Torre Yalva believes that this could be due to the dark case of the Milky Way. It may be fairly distributed in the "Ante-2" rather than centrally circulated as in most diseases. This can allow the "Ante-2" to maintain its large amount of losses when losing loss due to the adverse effects of the seaboard.


Light Cloud

However, Gisela Clementini from the National Institute of Astrophysics of Italy said we can only know how generic "Ante-2" is, and some questions are still being answered. She examined the RR stars starred by Gaia satellite and said that there was a mistake in the formula used by the Torreyalava team to make a distance from the "Ante-2".

When she saw this, she asked her to cooperate with colleagues in Bologna and Naples, who all thought there was a problem with speed measurement. This is a heavy problem, because the features of this galaxy are so unusual but when the galaxy is so far away as Estai's team evaluations.

Clementini reminded the team to take care of this issue and agree that they need to be reviewed. She said: "They got something, but at this stage, if we can not consolidate the calculation, I can not submit any property of the system."

Clementini said that RR Lyle's star may not be the galaxy, but could have been a galaxy. If this is a case, the "Ante-2" research team found a lot of fortune. If the speed of the battery is far beyond our thinking, its dimensions are harder. But if it's closer, it's more like a normal dwarf galaxy.

Torre Yarwa said that the error in the distance formula of the RR Lair star made about 260,000 light years away from the ground instead of 424,000 light years. But they used two other ways to determine the star rating of the "Ante-2". He said that there should be hundreds of changing stars such as "Ante-2" in galleries, and it is the nearest organization. He also said that the new category did not change a significant "Ante-2."

Alan McConaughey at the University of Victoria in Canada said: "To make the unusual part of the warehouses look more unusual, its pace needs to be twice as big. If you change it by 10% or 20%, it's still a kind of weird thing. "

He said we know that the "missing" galaxies are hiding behind the gas and dump on the Seagull. There is also a small number of similar and scattered galaxies – such as the crack 2 and Andromeda 19. He said: "Whether they are in some real things, or a roof of a new type of ice galaxies, this is what we need to know. "

The report said that if a galaxy is more likely than the previous one, if the galaxy is surrounded by bulging dwarf galaxies, people may need to transcribe how dark things are spread across its & # 39; globally and the way in which it raises stars. (Cruinnich / Hu Wei)

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