Scientists seek a genetic tract that makes a woman feel painless


If a woman finds the age of 71 in the UK that can't feel pain, there may be some science that improves.

According to the British Journal of Anesthesia, doctors have identified Jo Cameron's 71-year-old swimmers that depict and worry but push to increase wounded and injured.

Cameron has suffered a broken heart, surgical operation and childbirth with very little need for pain relief.

In extreme cases, often peoples' feelings can feel no pain, says investigator James Cox.

Jo Cameron who is 71 years old is often burning his oven, and she doesn't understand it to get her


Jo Cameron, who is 71 years old often swears on his oven, and does not understand it until she stopped "the burnt flesh".

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“When they are young, they usually haul out parts of the tongue, and parts of their fingers because they haven't learned it is dangerous,” he said. The Guardian.

Cameron says that she often burns her oven, and she does not bring it out until it stopped "the burnt flesh".

"I'm a vegan, so the smell is very clear," she said The Guardian.

Along with the inability to feel pain, she never gets upset or worried – and in weight and depression tests she scores zero.

Cameron is believed to find out about the race tribes from her father and it appears that her son is feeling more painful.

They may be able to find more cures for people who suffer from pain in the period.

“There is a tremendous amount of learning we can learn from it. When we understand how the new gene works, we can think of genetic treatments that reproduce the effects we see in it, "Cox said.

"Millions of people live in pain and we need a new analysis. Patients like this can give us a true insight into the pain system." T

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