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Fish and bees have been able to communicate for the first time, with the permission of a few talented robots that symbolize and control their activities, in an extraordinary test; translate behavior gears over species lines.

The robots were one of the editors and interpreters for an international conference. Through the various exchanges of information, the two groups of animals gradually evolved to a shared decision, ”Said Francesco Mondada from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, one of the researchers on the ASSisibf test that has the trick.

Austria's beekeeper carrying them with Swiss fish by communicating through a robot ttranslators, Which allowed both species to understand each other's behavior and were fast moving. Previously, the probationer machines were only installed in groups of animals with single-species species to affect their behavior, and occurring in a mixture of coconut and unpleasant chicks. T .

The researchers had already been making use of the bots to encourage a school to swim fish in an chosen direction by symbolizing their movements of tail, acceleration, and visual traits – t colors, stripes and shapes – in an exam before. At the same time, bumblebees were able to control their salmon through vibrations, temperature change, and air movements.

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Joining them up (over a 700km border and having national boundaries), the robots which moved with both species quickly compared to notes and made their own minutes as dancing. T tunefully within 25 minutes, translating the information from the other side to the appropriate characteristics of the behavior of their parts of the animal kingdom.

The species even started to accept some characteristics of each other, ”Said Mondada. “The bees were getting a little worse and they were less likely to bind together, and the fish started to pull together more than they used to.. ”

Launched in Science: Robotics, researchers praised their work “It might open the door to create new forms of related information… that may be able to re-select applications on ecosystems.. “Flocks of birds could be driven away from the airfields, and the huge decline in bees could be reversed if visitors were tipped to catch the birds. robotic deployment strategically deployed to manage pesticide farms and organic crops – should they do so. part of Black Mirror's program was crushed on the robots being gutted and turned into a crowd. Note your robo-bee programs: use strong passwords.

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