Scientists will demolish a reminder-and-a-#m; forget


Scientists will demolish a reminder-and-a-#m; forget
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For the first time, scientists at Scripps Research have found a geometric device in the brain through its memory and then forgotten.

Scientists searched the fruit flies. They would arrange the flies to connect with special ideas with electric shock. Once they have been trained, scientists have a " Seeing that they are then avoiding that odor, which is a? confirming that the memory is made.

Then they looked at the activity of neurons in the brain while they worked. In doing this, b & # 39; They can within a memorable memory memory.

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First author Jacob Berry, Ph.D., said a former tutorial in the Natural Bird Department on the Scripps Research site in Florida, "We believe that this system has set up to remove removables that are not so important and that they would not have to last a long time. I'm pretty impressive that this is all done by the only neuron. Our paper will show in detail how this is achieved. "

For the study, scientists used thinking methods to look more closely at their process. They were discovered, when the memory of the behaviors is unbalanced, the cell changes made through the learning process will be restored with the same dopamine neuron that helped to make the changes in the first place.

Scientists find that when a dopamine neuron is employed to create a new memory, it also works to make older memories.

His first author, Jacob Berry, Ph.D., has a post-graduate role in the Natural Bird Department on the Scripps Research campus in Florida, "When you're learning something new, you will & # 39; creating a new memory at the same time and which could erase old ones. It is a very important equity that helps you to overcome it. "

First author Ron Davis, Ph.D. He said, "For decades now, neuroscient experts who learn and remember focus on how the brain experiences and how that information is made in a stable memory, a process Concentration is remembered. Neuroscientists have recently recently recognized how important they are to actively forget and start by & # 39; take forward the processes that cause the brain to be neglected.

Berry said, "This learning and forgetting process helps to define an active proactive, a general idea in psychology. A re- active to describe the situation when the latest information is the way to try to remember old information – for example, call the name of his / her commander to the old your leader. "

According to scientists, the results will be related to higher organisms, and including people. Not only does the study provide a new insight into the brain mechanisms for actively forgetting but it is an amazing example of what we are learning about brain occupation from surgical makers such as the " fish fish, Drosophila.

The inspection was published in Cell Reports.

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