Scottish Government CSSD distributions –


The ESSD spokesman Barbora Kalátová refused to say how many staff had finished, 121 people last year worked for the party.

“This year, we expect a cost of 35 million crowns, which is 19 million less than in 2018. Over the course of the plan, the number of workers has been shown to reduce them,” said Martin. T Horec, Radiozurnal Chief Financial Officer. According to the person, some people leave, others move from work to lower wage agreements.

The chair of South Bohemian Social Democracy (CSSD) Ms Zimola said that five out of seven area secretaries came to the region. LESSD staff also left for Prague, Moravian-Silesian Department and Hradec Králové Department.

Fewer budget and grant income

Starec on Thursday said that the costs for Seanad and Town Council elections were higher than expected. "The income impact on the income side was largely due to lower grants and the loss of important revenue from the state budget," said Starec.

Social Democratic incomes last year were 133.8 million crowns, which increased to almost 167 million. The CSSD developed a balanced budget with an income and expenditure of 137 million.

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