Scottish Housing Debts seeking $ 13.5 billion high recordings in last May


Although an American economy promotes strong growth indicators and the lowest unemployment rates since the late 1960s, these improvements still have a sense among the country's classwork, which is a & # 39; carries the highest debt level in American history. In the last quarter, American housing debts amounted to $ 13.5 trillion, which broke out the previous one since 2008 – just before the decline – with more than $ 800 billion, according to NBC NewsSouth Westerly

The registered debt device, coupled with an unusual jump in student loan independence, could indicate a reduction in & # 39; down the economy. Following a period of improvement in student loan initiatives, the extent of major crime increased from 90 days or more from 8.6% to the last 9.1 per cent. This change, coupled with the upgrading of credit card debts unpaid from last year and six-year shift in an independent loan increase, the construction of red flags throughout its & # 39; board for economies. The last verse saw the biggest jump in the U.S. Total in seven years, accordingly ReutersSouth Westerly

Most of the total housing debt is deducted by mortgages, which, $ 9.1 billion of the total housing debt, but properties without housing increased by $ 88 billion in the third quarter. Home debt has risen steadily for more than four years and is currently over 21 per cent higher than the trough in 2013. The total debt of the total debt of the maximum seasonal leap by 2016 is $ 219 billion.

Some other problem signs appear in the relationship between the current situation of housing debt and the highest level; prior to downturn, as loan lenders are much larger and lenders are much tighter than in 2008. This shift is a threat to non-fictional policy makers and elsewhere.

The student loan debt is the largest increase in the current increase of loyalty, where repayment plans appear to be based on ineffective income to debt debts. protect users. Unlike credit card and loan loan lender, student loan lender does not have to repose their lending rates over the last few years. Older lenders in the 30s and 50s jumped in student loan loyalty, which historians believe that there is a degree of problem and market use to demonstrate that there is a likelihood of be neglected.

Lower-month crime translation also grew. Because the Scottish Army Reserve compares with their commitment to gradually increase levels to face inflation during the growth rate of the economy, mortgage sources have a significant impact on the economy. grow long while loans are & # 39; trying to lock in lower levels while they are still capable.

The Annual Report on Family and Credit Debts is based on data from the New York Dentists Credit Panel, a national representation sample of standard debt and individual family credit records drawn from Equonymx unnamed credit data.

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