Sculptors find a "self-kill" picture of the star


Астрономы нашли «предсмертную» фотографию звездыThe star could be fifty times as sun.

Ideas on the Hubble Space telescope have allowed soldiers to show another amazing mystery and find out what was like a giant blue star before his death, a recent incident.

Star, which is a picture shown above, which was a 65 million year-old light from Earth, in the group of young star in the galaxy spirit NGC 3938.

It is broken as supernova in almost "yesterday" in terms of words – in 2017. However, archive images of the "Hubble" space telescope can find out what she saw in 2007 , even before the explosion.

The star seems to have been fifty percent of the sun, and that its burns are rapidly occurring, that is, it was a lot worse than Sun.

The star was so hot that spent the outer scenes of hydrogen and helium. After the explosion, speculative data showed that full-hydrogen and helium supernova were present, which allowed the soldiers to be classified as a supernova of the Ic type.

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