"Sea King" broke in a mainland box office 600 million women at sea level after the body was pulled into a microblogging hot search – Movie – cnBeta.COM


The DC has changed the "Neptune" that was released since it was released on December 7, and its branch office has gone up. At 6 o'clock,The film was released in 72 hours, and its office broke down the 600 million signal.from

Next and three hours before this, the 500 million box office was reached, which was a domestic banking office for DC DC and its; a 500 million registration filing. At the same time, the waterproof score was 8.2, and the scores of eyebrows and their lottery were 9.5 and 9.3 respectively.

Not just a mouth word, but also a box office.The high quality and seamless figure of the hero Haihou Lala highlighted great spectators' hearts and successfully explored microblogging.from

, he gave a hot idea.

The film is led by the ghost leader, Wen Ziren.from

(Series "An Soul", "The Chainsaw Cry" series, "Speed ​​and Passion 7", etc., by Jason Moma (the queen of the sea king), Aimei Hilde (old wife Depp, decorated by Jura ) Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, William Dafoe and others came.

Neptune is a guardian on the Cier and Queen Atlantis Harbor Lighthouse in the United States, with a semi-human line, half-Atlantean.from

From childhood, it has shown that it is possible to stay longer than normal people, and be able to move and breathe under water and to reduce the amount of water. communicate with the life of the sea. He is also one of the Founders of Justice and Justice.

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