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Original title: "Sea King" to pay attention to Chinese early audience authors Chinese listeners

On 7 December, "Neptune" was released in the mainland of China in 3D, IMAX 3D, and Dolby. It is worth saying that the film was released in North America on December 21, which means that Chinese listeners first audience in the world, and the film can be watched two weeks in advance. After the "wolf" venom magic, "Wanda IMAX 100 day watch festival", it ended when "Neptune", "Sea King" was released on the first day of released, that is, 8.4 on its water tank, Taobao 9.5 ticket, a high divide bureau.

The first movie about underwater superheroes

The new DC superhero film is a "Neptune" made by the Film Warner Bros. Company. Artair Curry, who tells half-a-half and half of Atlantis's blood, goes into a memorable journey. Not only does he need to address his particular life. I have to face the test to be a king and to be a king: can I qualify for the name "Neptune". Neptune first appeared in the comics in 1941. The story given by director Wen Ziren in the film was largely inspired by the comic book "Sea King" on the "New 52" series when DC re-launched – Download the Superhero Civerse in 2011. Post-

Like the first movie about superheroes underwater, it's a & # 39; Sea King's first challenge is to show an amazing underwater world. To this end, the main use of a number of studios, built more than 50 scenes as a whole, together with blue, blue screen shooting, shows Atlantis fleet palace, warships and other spectacular scenery. The combination of Roman ancient architecture and digital sci-fi, seven major ethnic atlantic waters, aquarium salt, fisherman, Zebel, Haigou, refugees, lost, etc., Haiwanglong, shark war, hippocampus of war Sea creatures such as whales, seawalks, drummers, and bombed seagulls, and are called "Avatar" under water.

IMAX view accounts for around 90% of the movie

The reason why the film enters the most spectacular, engaging and humorous impact has been added by the director of Wen Ziren.

Wen Ziren believes technology is very important for this movie. Without these innovative technologies, Sea King is sorry to achieve. Therefore, it should also be considered when you look at its & # 39; film, IMAX and Dolby. Wen Ziren reported that the IMAX frame vision in "The Sea King" was about 90% of the total film, and continued with IMAX and 26% of the picture. In more than half of the movie film, the picture was extended and shown. Up to 26% of pictures in regular theater. And Dolby Cinema's innovative Dolby HDR and Dolby Atmos technology will introduce the "abusive imagination" from Atlantis to the audience.

The most important thing for the film is to tell the story

Although it emphasizes technology, Wen Ziren also stressed that the most important thing for a movie is to tell a good story. "Whether it's a tremendous movie or a drama film, it will be named after the" Sea King "role from the real performance and the special impact of those actors. Appropriate co-operation."

He said that the "King of the Seas" process of one view to date is a big journey: "I think this story is closely related to the environment in which we live This is really important to me. I was always keen to tell the times and times. Responding to the story. I think in particular that I can not The superhero movies will bring a lot of fun and give you a real adventure, but at the same time you can learn something from those characters, that is, you do not need any device. It can be a hero for himself. "

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