Sealladh: Tilda Tilda's own version of megahit


Sealladh: Tilda Tilda's own version of megahit – Smålands-Tidningen

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With a low turning of the Robyn by Dancing on my own, Tilda du Rietz saw the listeners in hand during the third final autumn concert at the College Academy.


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Sealed Air produces Norwegian origin. It creates up to 20 new factory works at Aneby.

Sören Larsson, a keen leader in Eksjö Södra, advocated in a citizenship bid to increase the number of parking spaces outside Ränneborg. Now your home council is recommending the refusal of the application – with reference to the expansion of parking areas included in a long-term plan, but not in the future.

A small cat dog is enclosed in the cats theme of Friends of Animals. The cat is heard, but it is impossible to find the owner.
"Unfortunately, every year," said Annica Sjöberg, chair of his / her societies.

About one-third is played by this year's bandwidth season at Höglandet.
We have gone down the statistics and we've found the heat-makers in the area so far.
The number one on the list is higher than the six points per game.

The number of new entrants to the townships of the country has fallen dramatically. Many of the new towns are still coming to Aneby and Maja Lindov is an integration with her; welcome them.
"They think we're doing a good job. But we can always be better and we want to stay," she said.

The snow weather lasted on this month is # 39; Raising a major serious wound in the social housing budget budget. The snow budget is already empty.
"It's unhappy because these parts are so tough to impact," said Mikael Wärnbring, Head of Social Development.

After a few months challenging in a debate about Fritidsgårdens, Legally Blonde was introduced into autumn music. Now the Teatertolvan is a new look and tells that the music will be shown anywhere, in the Olsberg field.

In May, a company sale will return to Aneby. Companies and societies have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the residents of Aneby.
"Aneby is a sandwich board with everything that is at Aneby," said Ola Gustafsson.

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