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Onwardscheny they got information that was never before the plan HR 8799c – a gas giant about seven times larger than Jupiter, and makes a rounded round of its star every 200 years. Search publishstep Astronomical writing, and writing UNIAN mentions him Naked Science.

HTo prove that water in the planet's atmosphere and metal presence, at the Keck Theater on Mauna Kea in Hawaii is usedand advanced technology. Fapproved surveys of this planet still kept, however New, accurate data shows optimizing speactroscopy power and adaptive optics technology, Correctly damaging the atmosphere of the earth.

At this time, more than twelve exoplanets were just taken, including HR 8799c and its three neighbors. HR 8799 is the only multi-planet system that can remove direct planets without counting the Solar System.

After making a picture, scientists can use spectrometers to break the light of their planet, because a prism is in place; turn your sun into the rainbow. And so they are to detect "fingerprints" of chemicals in the atmosphere. This strategy is already It has been used to explore the atmosphere of several giant gas giants. FMake this approach and for smaller planets, that is closer to its stars (closer to its star and less than its size, the most difficult it is to see).

The purpose of the research is to find chemicals in the environments of similar land-like plans; Excavation in the area that lives around their stars. It can also be used as water, oxygen and meat, which may be capable of identifying the presence of its presence; planet of life.

Sign in April NASA Mobile launch on Falcon 9who will explore the planets and stars. Continuing to & # 39; Two-year mission, which can be expanded, TESS will inspect 200 stars in a & # 39; globally, to find exoplanets.

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