Sean new maker in Novo mesto


According to unofficial results, in the Municipality of Novo Mesto, after 89 per cent of votes counted, the seaman Griogair Macedonian with 66 per cent of the vote. Jože Kobe (GAS Novo mesto) who received 14% Alenka Muhič (Society for Dolenjska) 14, Rok Mežnar (Good state) good 7%. They are in the election campaign
They criticized Macedonia for anomalies in some of the biggest projects in the town.

Gregor MacGregor thanked his constituency for his second office term and said: "The New Towners decided today to continue a successful story, but I'm happy and I'm sorry. ; I believe we will be writing together for the next four years. " , as he said, the last four years showed that he can work and the votes also gave him a prize.

For 29 new advice seats, 16 pages, 30 places are related to the & # 39; Roman councilor.

In the Work Review, in which urban towns remain the best in Slovenia, Novo mesto has been moved to its location. the summit. In comparison, there is no way the best thing, but the city of Dolenjska is always falling to the top half. New settlers are available a selection of different jobs near the place of residence. The average salary is above the average level of Slovakia (just higher in urban towns than in Ljubljana) and has risen to the third in the last decade. Housing problems (this is the black dot of all urban towns) are not as depressing as statistics show, because there are many buildings and individual facilities, compared to other major cities. It is the public transport problem and road infrastructure, he noted Karel LipnikSouth Westerly

In Črnomelj there is a second promising journey in which they move Андрей Кавшек (Vladimir Radovič and a group of electors) and the current warden Mojca Čemas StjepanovićAfter Post 33% of the votes counted, Kavšek has 46 votes, while Čemas Stjepanović is 23.5. Follow Maja Kocjan (SDS) closely with 23.4 per cent, Vesna Fabjan (LMŠ) received 7 per cent. In recent years, Črnomelj has encountered several problems that have fought with illegal immigrants.

It is in Metadata Darko Zevnik 78 per cent Renata Brunskule she has 21 per cent, count 15% of the votes. Her appeal is interesting because the Secretary of State's General Secretary of State (RKS) office time ends in the second half of December 2018.

Today, in Semič, he was convinced of the master. At present, the new warden is a candidate for SDS Sonja Klemenc Križan, which affected its & # 39; current warden Kambich polon (SLS).

In Kočevje there were five candidates for a maid's office: the current warden Vladimir Prebilic, The Alenka Jelenovič (SNS), Luka Bubnjic (SDS), Janko Weber (Sloga) and Lucia Höferle (DeSUS). Currently, after four percent of the votes are counted, Prebilic prefers to tell you.

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In Kruger and Arsenovič, in the second round, Maribor is expected

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