Seapoats on Itajaí to Mercosur are the next season Dagmara Spautz


MSC's launch company published on Monday that it will be aboard and remove passengers in Itajaí from the next season. The town will enter the MSS Sinfonia route, which will host the city. making a seven-night touring route stopping in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Passengers are able to choose from the beginning of Itajaí or Santos (SP) _ is the intention to improve the board options for residents in the south of the country. There will be 13 stops at the next summer.

The secretary of Tourism, Evandro Neiva, negotiated with the company at work in Itaaí two years ago, and joined the official Monday afternoon at an event by the executor in São Paulo. The start and service will use the structure of its & commercial ports the current tourist jetty does not go to; maintaining the size of vessels that sail on Brazilian coast – which is on the " to make a town out of a crucial route from 2015.

The ferries provide a great expectation for local tourism, as it is likely that passengers arrive beforehand, Moving the hotel network and the attractive places to the area.

Itajaí will work on a new tourism jet project, there will be a structure to get the bigger vessels outside the area to enjoy their ports in the future.

Three young people in SC

The world's largest private tourism company, MSC Examiner offers 117,000 cottages on Atlantic tariffs in the summer of 2019/2020 in Brazil next year. It is 15% larger than this season.

His company also stated in São Paulo that MSC Seaview – the largest one who is in a position; sailing on the Brazilian coast – which stops Balneário Camboriú and Porto Belo in the summer, with three or four nights trips. MSC Fantasia will also be happening in every city of Santa Catarina.

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