Searchers in California Rush to Find a Victory Camp Before Roofing Water


(CHICO, Calif.) – Seeners who drove north of California's waulking tile with a fatal wild squirrel up Sunday efforts ahead of waters later on a week here in & # 39; fire zone where 76 organizations have been received so far.

Although the water would help to & # 39; letting down the blow, it could also turn the place into a muddy yarn and blocking efforts to make the remains of more victims in the village of Paris.

The late October authorities said that there are still 1,300 names on a list of people who do not see for more than a week after the fire started at Butte County. Authorities stressed that the long timetable does not mean that they are " Believe that all of them are missing.

Sheriff Kory Honea asked empty people to review the list of people not donated by family and friends and to do so. Visit the department if the people are safe.

Hundreds of people have been in representatives so far, but the total number has grown upwards, And they're adding more names, & # 39; including those from the early hours of the accident, said Honea.

The remains of five others were found on Saturday, which included four in Paris and one in nearby Concow, and bringing the number of dead to 76.

Among them was Lolene Rios, 56, and his son, Jed, told KXTV in Sacramento that his mother had "endless love".

President Donald Trump came around the area on Saturday, along with governments who were going to go out and go to. come in, both Democrats that have forced barbarians with Republican administration.

The president also visited Southern California, where firefighters had a " making progress on wild exiles that would go through communities west of Los Angeles from Thousand Oaks to Malibu, killing three.

"We've never seen anything like this in California, we've never seen anything like this yet. It looks like a whole vision," said Trump as he stood among the ruins of the Park and paid full support from federal government.

Shortly after the fire started, Trump sentenced police officers to regulate poor woodland management and was at risk of cutting off federal funds.

"He is behind us," he said. Jerry Brown says Sunday on CBS "Word of the Nation."

"There have been some of the heads of California and the president," said Brown. "But in the face of disturbance, people tend to rise over some of their smallest consequences. So I think we have had a good way."

It also suggests that there is a very serious wild in California. Believe that even those who are looking for climate change "in five years," and that those who need to have a " Living near forests built underground shelter to protect them from fires.

There was a pre-water for a month in the breadth of Paris. The National Weather Service stated that the wind area could provide a maximum 20 mph weather and 40 40 square meters, which could make it difficult for the creatures to be able to; making progress against the fish.

The California Camp fire has destroyed nearly 10,000 homes and its homes; Burning 233 square miles (603 square kilometers). There were 55 per cent.

Honea hoped that the Trump trip would help revitalize it, saying that the trip with a Republican president and democratic leaders in California "is a symbol of co-operation here This will benefit this community ultimately and take forward to revival. "

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