“Season of flu, going back to hospitals for heart failure patients”


Seoul, South Korea (AHN) – The number of people admitted to hospital with heart failure has increased significantly in the season.

Failure is a disease in which blood is taken from the left atrium of the heart and pumped into the whole body, leading to an irregularity in the ventricle of the left to prevent supplying blood to the organs and body material.

A team of researchers at the Minneapolis Veterans Medical Center in the United States carried out an analysis of long-term heart investigations in 451,000 people (aged 35-84 years) who lived in four states, and ended up in the USSR. including Mississippi, Minnesota, North Carolina and Maryland. The results were published, and News Day Health reported on Tuesday.

In total, the proportion of patients rose by 24 per cent for patients with heart failure, by the time of the flu outbreak, increased by 5 per cent during the flu season. said the researchers.

However, the event was not associated with a muscular season involving the flu season, and was investigated by the researchers.

The reason is that the cold may be linked to a heart failure that the heart muscle can be injured by the flu virus or remodeling caused by flu. can reduce the pumping capacity, the researchers commenting on.

As a result, patients with heart failure should be able to get the flu vaccine at influenza time, and the team stressed it.

Clyde Zhishi, director of cardiology at Northwestern University Medical School, said patients with heart failure can become more serious with minor symptoms as their heart work is so weak that they are well treated.

The survey was published in the latest issue of the American Journal of Cardiology (27 March).

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