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The Blue November campaign seeks an awareness of the importance of the # 39; an early diagnosis of cancer prostain. (Picture: Reproduction)

Prostate cancer is the fastest second appearance of a stupid finger in adult men in Brazil, reporting the National Cancer Institute (Inca). The group estimates that more than 68,000 cases of the disease are tested in the year end by the end of the year. There is no way to stop it. So, the only way to fight the psychology is to make regular tests, until the tumor is detected at an early stage. Due to the importance of early diagnosis, the green campaign of November 2007 aims to raise awareness of the problem every year by encouraging them to go to. go to the presenter. It also attempts to complete its & # 39; Proofness that is usually attached to a proper test.

When the cancer is detected early, the patient can account for a 95% healing rate. But in cases where the tumor is found late, which follows to a metastasis, it seems that the medicine is successful. falling dramatically. So, it is recommended that people Visit the botanist every year from the age of 50 to complete the blood test and test. Black patients, or those with family history (father, brother-in-law or grandfather), are in danger and should start regular tours as early as age 45. This is marked by the spokesman Vladmir Pinheiro (CRM-CE 6015), member of the oncological urology service at São Camilo Hospital Cura Dura, Fortaleza.

"For you to get a more detailed review, you need to do the correct scrutiny and the blood test. Today, we have another survey that helps identify MRI," a & # 39; explains the hospital prostitute. In the touch test, the doctor will analyze consistency and texture; protests, as well as having some lump or lump. "Some of the changes that may be a sign of cancer can only be through communication," he says. The three tests, made in a coherent manner, show that there is a disease. The definitive, positive or negative confirmation can not be given after a biopsy, if the original investigation indicates a problematic problem.

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In the first stage, prostate cancer is unusual – an extra risk for men. Some of the symptoms may have the disease. However, this criterion strategy is not a safe option, and Pinheiro definition. "In cases where the tumor is small, restricted to the prostate, it can not show signs of signs or some signs that may be suspected by other indirect problems, such as a problem ; attack and small blood. In a more advanced degree of illness, when bleeding, an angle barrier occurs, and so important it is an early finding . "

In promoting early judgment, it is important that the Blue November campaign, because, in many cases, avoiding the visit to the scorner due to the debtor that is infected; including the correct test, Pinheiro analyzes. "It is essential to damage its correction, with this phrase, for the person to look for the sorcery." The staff use a lot of the term to prevent brushes, but not stop. the way [para a cura] Getting started early on the problem because 95% of your ability can cure. So there is only one guide: everyone over the age of 50 should take the text and blood test, regardless of someone in the family who has faced the problem. "


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