Second fatal anemiary case in Chubut: Epuyén homeworker died


A urban worker of Epuyén, in Chubut, died the second death; disappeared as a result of the hantavirus chimney disease in the department.

The person, who was 61 years old, aged and hospitalized in intensive care, was one of the five good cases of aviation confirmed by the infectious National Institute of Diseases (INEI) Carlos Malbrán, where the samples have been issued.

The long-standing 15-year-old portrait is still a strict remedy but in a clear revival, As long as the other patients were discharged, according to the hospital venues consulted Telam.

At the same time, Malbrán results are expected for three new issues to be reported as "suspects".

"Epidemiological research activities are ongoing in the field," said Jorge Elias, a director of a department, Esquel program at the local Health Ministry, which confirmed that the disease occurred in a common place.

An A hauntavirus case "in an event hall where a yearly party was held in Epuyén, but there were not (the ones sick) at the same table but in different places and so we focused on our attention there ", Elias in detail.

The doctor confirmed that the range of Chubut Health Ministry's suppositories to order to capture and "flexible long" mouse signals in the five houses of Epuyén where families of certified hantavirus issues; live, as well as events

Due to the common place in which the advanced issues were reported, the inter-personal harassment, although the hygienic authorities known as "recognize the realities that are known as the biggest environmental environment in an accident . "

In fact, the most common method of spreading the disease is through a virus that is; Bringing out the small rope "Oligoryzomys longicaudatus", known as the "collargo mouse" in the mountains, An area that has a great deal of influence on the narrow limestone flower season, which is the best food and its favorite food. Creating seed rich in flowers, which is rich in nutrition.

Once in human body, the hauntavirus tissue is a & # 39; causing severe fever, muscle growth, coughing and headache, and after several days the respiratory problems are getting worse and worse. Improved in severe cases if death failure can not be controlled due to respiratory failure or fish when the lungs complete by moving.

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