Second Peis exhibition at Bell Center in 2019


The farewell will not be full in Montreal of the famous Kiss band that takes two days before spring comes, but next summer.

As expected on March 19 for an exhibition sold at Bell Center, the legendary band will return to the town on another night, 16 August, 2019, again as part of the "End of the Road" tour.

Tickets for the minimum unit cost of $ 63 are available on the 3rd of December to & # 39; Start at 10:00 p.m. ( However, "Keep & Greyhound" records can be held on Tuesday at 10am on

In all, twenty-one American dates were added to the Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer album, which is now near 70 between the end of January and mid -Santain.

Of the number, there are two concerts in Toronto, every time after the training in Montreal. Rockers will also play with fans from Quebec, at the Videotron Center, on April 2, 2019.

Almost 45 years after release their first record, Kiss members have been filed to over 100 million copies worldwide.

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