Secret for 12 love guns is always burning


Tu Mi – words should be sweet

In the way of keeping the fire easily, the sensitivity of communication is the main reason to help people of old old age. But when they reach the target, they are cold, cold, even allowing words to be & # 39; leaving others who lost interest, the romance of romantic love came out of the cave into the clouds, instead of dry, dry. khan

Bi-kip for 12 biscuits of vegetable foods

Remember, the love of the feeling is in the heart, but it is not an excuse; Just for them to look together in a calm way, it should be said in sweet words. Only if yes the army This division, which encourages the enemy with words; sing, all conflicts are arranged in detail.

Age of Ox – Romans need to be kept up

The secretary to keep the fire after passion, passion, an Ox gradually come back to the human, dry and tight nature. They do not even know what they will do, what they buy during their special days, a special holiday.

So, maintaining the romance is a vital part of the Ox if you want to continue to; go by fire. If you find the "secret" idea, you can learn about other couples, perhaps just the simple things like walking around the street, and # 39; sing for him or her cooking something that also creates a little fun between the two.

Tiger Age – to control fire

Everyone knows the tiger change, error, desire, tightness and foolishness. As they do not know how to keep control of the disaster, they will always disturb the enemy. When I'm happy, sometimes cold, sometimes thinking the words do not say, the other does not know what to do right.

In addition, although the type of conversation is spoken but Age does not know how to put their ideas forward, feelings are always hidden and then stress themselves. Instead, you can share with the other half, and create a link to add love.

Cat – who is interested in choosing a place to date

The disadvantage of the age of their cats when a & # 39; love is the right place there. Sometimes you are lamenting the romantic places your partner has, and choose where you are self-esteem, and do some new stimulus.

But if the change, more attention to devolved and romantic feelings of love, feelings of mutual respect.

Dragon Age – You need to send & # 39; opinion that is unfair

At the end of love, the Turks are turning cold and cold, Feeling that the relatives are feeling they are in a sense; walk with another, colder than the rock.

In addition, this boy always wants his sweetheart what he wants to do, or if he is angry and even a child. He will make your lover a & # 39; I'm sorry, I do not know how to meet them.

If you can not grow up, leave the idea incapable or at least not too much a child, the dragon will make the enemy tired, have a strong relationship to be strong and steady.

Age of life you know

When you enjoy it, the age is to be & # 39; Give that it is unlikely that a day will be answered. They care cautiously, alleging the enemy in a foolish and poor way.

Before you do anything for someone, you should think about yourself a bit, evaluate what the other is worthwhile, avoid later saying that you are sorry.

Age-horses – it should be rejected

I do not know how to deny the weakness of the horse in love. Remember that the art is a refusal, to say so that people are still in a position; feel respected and maintain their best relationships.

Do not get so much a matter to keep so many things, what has been agreed but the results are not as good as the will. At that time, the people who are kindness you have been brought back to the people, do bad news.

Age of growth – fewer crackdown to private issues

Given that it is too delicious and which wants the other half to be satisfied, the smell age has a great impact on each individual case, even if it does not matter. limit the enemy's "private airfield". Differences arise, both difficult to settle in detail.

Life needs something "easy to pull" that the spirit is comfortable. So, sometimes just a little while in the emotional support we are closer to each other.

Older age – you must correct the mind immediately

Although intellectual property, interesting and interesting situations are treated, but people with disabilities have a disability. In love, they also liked to & # 39; Playing games that are needed quickly, they are not only active but often doing so, just because of the # 39; you forget to forget it

Do not forget about forgetting, try to communicate more often. And things to change, such as the ranking order are only life. People come to us; attracting things more important or interesting, you need to choose clearly.

Da Roi – throwing away the cattle product for a pleasing life

Old age looks like, but there are some who are in their age; think a lot. They always try to make money, & # 39; The first one is to improve their quality of life, and after that they can help their families, relatives and society.

Too much think, they stress themselves. Concerning material is now replaced with romantic romance. So, to maintain a permanent fire, the old age of the animal must be thrown away to be happy to live.

Cù Tuat – need friendship and fairer

Most of the people of Tuat have habits, recreation is "ominous", it is ominous that he also has a " affecting the relationship between the two. This difference sometimes causes the army to be far from the environment, which is seen to be difficult to reach and "good".

Learn how to make yourself simple and friendly, it's only beneficial, not harmful. To be closer to everyone, the character of his lover is more fun and harder, his sweetheart to be more incentive.

Pig – know how you say your excuse is happily

Although good, there is no harsh gloom, but it is sometimes difficult, the elderly people make their enemies uncomfortable. It is late or lost, occasionally or not occasionally, the problem is not, but persistent and continuous between the critical times or when the data is unused.

So, to burn the fire, you should focus more on small things such as time and distance, do not allow them to make the simple things that do not. affecting both feelings. And when you make mistakes, remember that you say it is an apology of the first word.

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