"Secret" museum Nguyen Van Dong: A mother-in-law does not believe that it is so rich


Nguyen Van Dong (born 5 May 1980) is the only investor up to this stage to register to participate in the 255 million auction section of Vinaconex of SCIC. Mr Dong's interest in the game requires VND5,500 billion depositors to set up a starting price. So, Nguyen Van Dong – a completely unnamed name – looks like "secret" to the market …

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Credit in the estate is not incredible
The house is located at 264 Ly Nam De, Huong Long Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Province Hue, registered by the resident Nguyen Van Dong.

Recently, the equity of shares equated to 79% of recruitment capital in Vinaconex (stock code: VCG) with the State Capital Investment Company (SCIC) and its Business and Telecommunications Company -arm (Viettel) holding attention and & # 39; look closely with investors.

It is not surprising that this is a "super" contract, one of the largest "state-of-the-game" games in the years.

According to the plan, Viettel will have a & # 39; Rupadh 94,010,175 shares of VCG (equivalent to 21.28% of Vinaconex quarterly capital) and SCIC plans to withdraw 254,901 shares. 153 VCG shares (equivalent to 57.71%).

Compared to the Viettel picture, Vinaconex's photo is more attractive and dramatic, and its first size. Secondly, the SCIC will replace the 57.71% of Vinaconex's casting capital with the candidate to help the candidate become a "true" leader of the body. this end.

With its established starting price at 21,300 VND / department and sales mode, depositors must remove the price from 5,429.37 billion.

At present, four investors have signed up to participate in the VCG shares of SCIC, including: Nguyen Van Dong, Thang Long Compatible Stock Company TJC Investment Infrastructure, Star Invest Investment Limited Company, Quy Hung Company Limited.

Although An Quy Hung Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Thang Long Infrastructure Cooperative Stock Company (TJC), is a brand that has more and less market presence, 6 days ) and Nguyen Van Dong is totally unidentified. Especially the East – the only individual investor, who has been well informed by the market in recent days.

In the warnings about an auction registration you sent to HNX, Nguyen Van Dong, who was born on 5/5/1980 said. A 1980-born museum registered a permanent residence of 264 Ly Nam De, Huong Long Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Province Hue.

In addition, according to VietTimes, Nguyen Van Dong is currently acting as Director and legal representative Dong Nguyen Limited Trading Company and Service (Dong Nguyen). Dong Nguyen Company was established on 5 October 2015, chief of the chiefs in National Highway 49, Phu Thuong Commune, Phu Vang District, Thue Thien Thue District.

Also in the recording, Mr Dong said it was a "capital city" and another capital that was used in the capital used to participate in auction and pay the benefits in time. "In addition, the shareholder's purpose of interest has also been published in detail as a" long-term investment ".

Mr Nguyen Van Dong's mystery is very surprising that Mr Dong is participating in the auction for himself "to be a long-term investment" in Vinaconex, or that he is Mr Dong is the name of the house. "big", or East individually as "pure, green" purest "(?).

Depending on the field information below of VietTimes, the responsibility is unfounded.

Nguyen Van Dong's mother-in-law does not believe her spouse is rich

Narrator 264 Ly Nam De, Huong Long Ward, Hue City arrived at Thue Province, Hue where Mr Nguyen Van Dong recorded his permanent residence.

It is not expected when it has sailed gross business. At this address, a woman named Nguyen Thi Le (62) said Nguyen Van Dong was a groom.

According to Ms Le, Nguyen Van Dong is from Thanh Hoa, Hue has married her daughter and has three children, the third largest. He said he works far away, more than 10 The home is not today.

"His company does not know. It's a long way away, but also in Thua Thien Hue. I do not know, I just know how to look after it, look on behalf of his wife and her children being worried about doing business, "said Ms.

When asked about his wife Nguyen Van Dong and his business activities and information about selling her & her; Circle, Vinaconex got thousands of billion, Ms. With her daughter (Eastern woman) many things, Many places, schoolmasks are in the middle of Hue City and then go to her; move on to do other things.

"He and his wife work in a company or other companies, and do other things that I know about size. He went to work for 10 days or did not know. He did enough, just accounting here. My three children allow me to take care of their food, go to school. Before he shared the electricity company on A Luoi (area Lu Luoi, Thua Thien Thue area), after a short break from his private company, his business has power to make a surface of heaven. Every month is not home, "said Ms.

According to Le, Mr Dong also has a house in Hue town center, but buying shares of such a huge value, did not know; Miss, as well as Mr. Le's wealth, is not clear, but Le. I do not think that the gillie is so rich. According to Mrs. Le, if he had so much money, she would not let her children go to school and raise them to school.

Continue to learn about the mysterious Nguyen Van Dong secretary in Hue, according to some business owners in Hue and some living around Mr Nguyen Van Dong's address, & # 39; Most know the information. What about the businessman Nguyen Van Dong, as well as enough East block to buy shares, has more than 5,400 billion on the Vinaconex shares.

On November 17, Tran Duc Minh, Chairman of the Thua Thien Province Youth Industry Association said: "I have no information about Nguyen Van Dong as well as his business. He and his business are not involved in the activities any of the Entrepreneurship Society and so we do not know. "

PV also assisted the phone number recorded in Mr Dong's business registration, the auditor confirmed that Mr Dong, but after PV proposals, wanted to learn more about selling parts of Vinaconex shares of SCIC, the audience Listen to the news conference, then hang up.

So if Mr Dong is a representative of a 255m division of Vinaconex of SCIC, what kind of species is behind him?

Do you want to take part in the auction, do investors need what to do?

When you subscribe to the SCIC departments, the investor needs to fulfill many responsibilities such as: self-learning about VCG (corporate contract, financial report, activity status, and other information publishing); In order to confirm applications of capability to be submitted in accordance with regulations; and distribution of other legal requirements.

Amazingly, in the capacity profile (which was submitted from October 24 to 16, November 13, 1818), the investor must obtain confirmation from the bank on the minimum census balance of the investors. The sum of deposit for the purchase of the entire lottery.

The total interest of 10% of the shared value of its VND dividend 5,429.37 bills is a shared value. Therefore, investments that want to take part in the auction must pay a small amount of 542,937 billion.

However, the investment time and registration procedures from 10/26/2018 to 16h on 21/11/2018.

But to obtain a bankruptcy agreement, the inventories needed to be available; Participating (including Mr Nguyen Van Dong) organize a great deal, within 3 weeks, since Exchange Stock Hanoi (HNX) published information about SCIC distribution.

It is known that time to start the auction at 14h40 on 22/11/2018 on HNX – it is the address of Number 2, Pan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. After the auction occurs, investments will make payment to ensure that SCIC receives regional purchase payments on 4/12/2018.

Before the list of investors participating in the auction was announced, on 11/11/2018, SCIC has announced that the largest foreign investment in Vinaconex is 0%. SCIC said, if there is a conflict of interest in the share of foreign investors in Vinaconex in the release statement and rup management with new content, the new content is being prioritized.

This information is surprising at market, because foreign investors are expected to be the investments involved in large business supplies.

When there are many problems in the "0% green room", there are many problems (if you have a name) if you want to be present at the auction of the future Viniconex sections of SCIC. On the other hand, Vinaconex holds a PYE Elite Fund with 33,289 million shares (equivalent to 7.54% of recruitment capital).

With the "room" for the foreign division there is 0%, foreigners can only sell the VCG department for a new purchase.

However, discussing the previous campaigns at the state at Sabeco – Saigon Beverage Joint Stock Co (Sabeco-Ticker: SAB), the ownership of foreign investors was not as high. It is important if foreigners want to take over.

In particular, the accounts of the SCIC division account for 57.71% of Vinaconex's quarterly capital, which means the most winner of the company's winner. Just something, with the "spleen" of rules, also has legal risks in foreign investors.

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