Secret papers Rafale available to gaming, security risk: Center To Court


The Solicitor's General comments that Rafale's payment documents were stolen for some serious political reason

New Delhi:

The action of petitioners, who wanted a review of the case in Rafale's case, brought in registered documents into the public domain, the government said today to the High Court. He threatened national security and damaged such secret documents without the permission, according to the government, aimed at Hindu newspapers concerning his research stories of buying 36 fighters from France.

The government has asked that the petitions go – who want to review the December decision of the Court that cleaned the government to the Narendra government Modulation over the treaty for the planes – t abolished. The government has also argued that those wishing to carry out a review relying on "secret papers" are breaking the Official Secrets Act, which is penalized for a fine or fine.

“These documents are the beneficiaries under the Officers' Confidentiality Act and without the Centre's consent, they cannot be made public,” said the government to the court.

The papers have been printed on "India crime by the foreign country" because the treaty contains a secret clause, the government said. The documents, again told to the court, provide an incomplete picture.

During the final hearing of the Rafale case, the government admitted that registered documents had been stolen from the "Ministry of Defense". After the entry was introduced, the Solicitor explained that the documents had not been stolen but copied.

The Guild of Editors "undoubtedly" stands against the government's stance and states that any attempt to use the Official Secrets Act against the media is so "descriptive" as requiring contestants. tell the story.

N Ram, the chair of the Hindu Publishing Group, has said that the documents have been published in the public interest and that no information would be given to the sources given to them.

“We have not stolen anything. We got it from secret sources and we are committed to protecting these stores, ”Mr Ram told NDTV.

Union Minister Jaunley has said that freedom of news cannot be any more than national security.

In December, the court sent a high petition back asking for a check into the Rafale contract. The petitions say that the government had gone for a deal too large to help with a rookie defense defense bagman Anil Ambani, an unfair agreement with Dassault the creator.

NDA ministers Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie challenged him and Prashant Busus and Aadmi MP's Ajmi Singh party argued that the court should reconsider his birth. T depending on the WEA report that is not a Rafale contract.

In a series of quotes about the treaty, Hindu said that the ministry defended the "parallel" arrangements for Rafale's post with the Prime Minister's office. He identified a note within the ministry, which said "the PMO has negotiated a compromise with the MoD and the negotiating team". Another report said the agreement was more expensive for India because France had refused to issue bank warrants.

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