Secretary General – Can the State Convener meet voters outside Hanoi?


Secretary General - Can the State Convener meet voters outside Hanoi? - Picture 1.

General Secretary of the Party – President Nguyen Phu Trong to & # 39; run in Ba Dinh, Hoan Kiem, Tay Ho (Hanoi)

Electors submitted to the National Assembly, voters Dong Nai stated that the representatives of the National Assembly were the Secretary General and State President, instead of the areas outside the elected areas to meet voters and listen to voters' opinions. in the country.

This proposal was forwarded to the Petitions Committee from the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee. In response to voters, the Committee of the Petition Article 27 of the Law on the Organization of the National Assembly stated that "National Assembly's Electors meet voters at the electoral venues under the agenda of electors of the National Assembly's representatives "and" To vote in the residence, workplace; Meet voters with subject, area, subject, area of ​​interest of representatives. "

In addition, the 525 General Decision introduced in 2012 by the National Assembly's Presidency Committee and Presidium from the Vietnam Frontland Fatherland Commonland Committee also required, if necessary, to improve the quality and effectiveness of the grants. Submitting, a & # 39; Investigating and deciding important issues of the country, the National Assembly election electors can meet voters outside the region where they are going to; stand for election.

Therefore, the Petition Board will be the external contact of the constituency where election candidates are based on the practical requirements of the work of each member of the National Assembly to better meet the performance of the work. his sentence.

The truth is that the leaders of the Party and the State (State President, Secretary General) of the areas are; Meet the voters and the people are the facts that have been made so far and expressed in the big media.

"If the National Assembly's representative of Dong Nai's presence sees local leaders and voters of their Party and State Leaders' recommendation to contact voters to resolving better issues, to the director "- suggested the petition of the Petition Committee response letter.

What is the responsibility of the organization when the National Assembly electorate pollutes?

He was also involved in the actions of the National Assembly, the advocacy of voters Dak Lak, over time, some members of the National Assembly were arrested and left duties from Representatives who were involved in corruption, negative. Therefore, the proposal should clarify the responsibilities of the organization and at Frontland at all levels in terms of submitting and sending. consultation with the election.

This content has been answered by the Sustainable Committee of the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee. According to the respondent, some members of the National Assembly are arrested, and committing corruption responsibilities, the Synod has a negative and desirable time National, Government, & # 39; First Minister on the Frontland of Vietnam and all stages.

Following the incident, the main agencies and party committees, local authorities have reviewed the charters' process, doing good scrutiny and drawing on deep knowledge in the document; process. to consult and nominate candidates for the National Assembly, and propose changes to the Law on Representation Elections to the National Assembly and to the People's Council.

Hai Phong voted a voter of the law that the Law has on the Organization of the National Assembly; Find out that the National Assembly's landowners are now deserving of people's credits, the National Assembly or voters removed from the office, but so far there is no guidance. To guide, control the order, procedures and conditions for the implementation of these regulations.

The National Assembly's representation will be to eliminate nations of the National Assembly when they are now deserving of the people's trust to be able to; comply with the provisions of Article 37 of the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee Working Rules. and Article 41 of National Session Management sessions.

The order for People's Councils to abolish the Council of the rulers when they do not; meet people's criteria of the People's Councils, who are no longer eligible for human finance, To review and report to the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee for consideration and position in the Resolution of the Organization's governance and operation of the Public Council .

The order, procedures and the conditions for voters to contest opposition to the National Assembly and Administrators of the Public Council are considered by relevant parties before being submitted to the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee for consideration and decision. "- written responses to electors.


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