Secretary "steel steel" suddenly "hit" more than 600 billion today


After a strong rally at the beginning of the week, to the morning (November 20), the transcripts were changed in the context of the number of stock that fell on each exchange.

In particular, with 160 crash compared to 96 promoters, the VN Index dropped 1.61 points, or 0.18 per cent, to 914.45 points. At the same time, the HNX-Index also lost 0.75 points, or 0.73%, to 103.19 points, as there were 73 reductions compared to 53 promoters.

However, the market's intelligence was poor; better than compared to previous sessions. Trading rate reached on HSX 83.4 million shares or VND2,073 billion; This figure was 16.5 million shares, equivalent to VND 211.47 billion.

The VN-Index has remarkably declined although the VN-Index is still rising slightly. VHM came up with 1,000 dongs that added more than 1.04 points to VN-Index, HPG, VNM, VIC, VPB, GMD, PNJ … also "green".

HP HP has long lines of a long system but last week was a strong revival

HPG VND1,000, equivalent to 2.8%, added to VND36,450 each section and gave 0.66 points to the VN disclosure.

With the positive trends of HPG, this morning, the sale of the stock sales of Hoa Phat's wife (Tran Dinh Long, Vu Thi Hien) increased to a large extent 689 billion to 25,110.8 billion.

At this time, Tran Dinh Long has 534.18 million segments of HPG, which accounts for 25.15% of the Hoa Phat capital, length & There are 154.39 million sections of HPG Vu Thi Hien. 7.29% even though not involved in regulation, activity.

Previously, HPG had two series of price increases on 16/11 and 19/11 after 8 consecutive drops from 6/11 to 15/11.

Recently, the Board of Directors of Hoa Phat agreed to elect Mr Tran Dinh Long to be Chairman of the Company for the year 2017-2021.

At the same time, foreign exchanges from PENM III Germany GmbH & CO.KG were regularly scheduled for sale of HPG departments. Recently, the shareholders have signed up to 20 million HPG shares (which accounts for 2.31% of Hoa Phat's charitable capital), with 10.9 million sales out of 20 million section in total. Millions of shares are scheduled for sale.

At the end of the third quarter, Hoa Phat reported an income of VND14,394 billion and profits after taxes of VND2,408 billion, up 13% y / y. In the first nine months, the steel industry VND registered 41,988 billion in revenue and VND 6,833 billion in profit after taxes, up 24% and 22% respectively.

However, in the financial picture of Hoa Phat, the debt co-operation is enormous. The total debt of this group reached over 31 trillion dong, accounting for 44% of the total property.

Back to its stock market, on HSX today, there were many major SAB, BID, VCB, GAS, NVL, BVH, PLX, HDB losses. However, the reduction in these codes is very small and has little impact on the overall index.

Previously, the BVSC said that the cash is still cautious when the potential for market discovery opportunities is still very limited in this period.

Therefore, it is expected that the index will continue in the next sessions. However, BVSC also means that there will be some incentives at the beginning of the week after the session that is in place; grow, maybe its market will be; Emphasis on shaking, changing today.

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