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The pension authority, according to its enumeration, will divide the population into three parts. Only over half of the population with a higher retirement age will have an economic impact. At least a quarter will earn a higher retirement age and at a & # 39; Most quarters are disadvantages.

There is two part in the proposal for more retirement age:

✓ You will not get any guarantee pension and housing housing rehabilitation from age 65 at first rate. The proposal is that the minimum age for these benefits will be built by 2023 to 66 years. You were born in 1957 or earlier, the current rule applies from the age of 65 because you are in a position; Turn 65 before coming into effect on January 1, 2023.

✓ You can withdraw your public pension from the month you reach 61 at the first rate. This age will be built (see recruitment box for future changes). This age will continue to belong to a person who is in a position; Turn 61 before the law comes into force on January 1 2020. This means that they are belongs to those born in 1958, still 61 years old at first stage to withdraw your public pension

But who are they? that is true Be the winner at senior retirement age? Ole Settergren, the Head of Analysis of the Swedish Pensions Group, responds.

– People who have committed compensation under 65. For example, early retirement, they are earned from this because they will be able to resign their office sooner, he said to Expressen, Your Money.

At this time, it is finishing Their retirement pension is at an early age of 65 and will then be taken to old age pensions, which often result in an economic reduction. Winners are also unemployed and people with illness benefits that receive unemployment benefits after 65 and so wait to withdraw their pension age.

lost According to the analysis section, Settergren Oil is the one who would qualify for a warranty or housing development pension, but will not receive it, or who is entitled to any social remuneration. They are not economically affected but they need to work longer.

– They need to work longer, even if they did not say, Expressen, Your Money.

They can choose Their pension is 65 if they want, but then they will only receive a pension based on income and not the guarantee or housing support.

– So they must accept the lowest pension they receive by going to; do that. They have very hard financial incentives to continue working, Ole Settergren says to the newspaper.

Praised by the Pension Group The Riksdag will be decided, and no parliamentary decision has yet to be made on the case.

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