See: Raya El Hassan, the first minister within females in the Arab world


Monday 18 February

Lebanon sent his first minister within a woman in the Arab world of his new government, opening the door to a wider place for women in the political scene that affected men.

Go to Al Hassan:

  • Raya al-Hassan, one of four women holding ministerial papers in the new government, was more than ever in Lebanon, and three other women in the previous government, all of whom were all except only minister of women's affairs.
  • Although Raya's senior positions, including the Finance Minister, included in 2009-2011, his role as head of Interior Ministry was promoted as a step forward for women in Libanus politics.
Raya Al-Hassan, the first minister within females in the Arab world,

Three Ministers:

  • The three other Cabinet ministers, with 30 ministers, are responsible for Energy Ministers, Administration Development and Women's and Youth Economic Update.
  • Although Lebanon has been widely regarded as liberal with regional standards, with women playing a prominent place in the " public life, some of its laws maintain the current social order.

Lebanon Laws:

  • Many Lebanese civil laws, including personal status issues such as marriage, divorce divorces and estates, are in accordance with community of faith.
  • In some cases women are treated differently from men. In Lebanon, 17 Muslim and Christian communities are recognized.
  • In 2017, a repeat & # 39; An old law parliament that was free from people who were fighting for a punishment if the victims were married.
  • However, it is not considered that a married and married marriage are opposed to the law.
Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri is "Right" to President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun (Reuters)

Axis of politics than men:

  • Men are still the focus of Libanus politics. The complex system of sharing power on a shared basis has helped to strengthen the strength of old warriors and the power of political families, all who are, government regime and its parliament.
  • However, Violet Safadi, state secretary for the economic power of women and young people, says that there is a stronger representation of women in government who have "broken the obstacles".

Background information:

  • Over two weeks ago, Libanus's sovereignty has announced that a national national union has created a national unity in a move to complete nine months of problem solving. share the quotes in the cabinet.
  • The new government was informed following a meeting at the President of Baabda President who included President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Speaker Nabih Berri.
  • Discussions began on creating a national unity government following parliamentary elections; May, first in nine years.
  • Since the results of the election were announced, Hariri's government, which was set up in late 2016, continued to continue to run. business management.


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