See the beautiful 18-person portrait of Jang Na Ra, who is supposed to believe she is 37 years old


After a long time, finally, the radio station and the team The Last Empress Also an exposed series of semi-ancient photographs of the "vampire" Jang Na RaAfter the name of "the old goblin grandfather", Jang Na Ra then surprised the audience as beautiful, as young as 18 daughters, twenty in the new series.

It is a movie in the & # 39; Emp Empress is about the royal throne but it is located today, similar to the royal palace at Yoon Eun Hye. The film tells a story about the secret family, secret, secret, secret mystery … Together with these negative things, The Last Empress also includes a story of romantic love between the main shoes Women and women of the male driver with the court.

Look at this picture as a daughter 18 of Jang Na Ra, who wants to believe she was over 37 - Picture 1.

Jang Na Ra is a musical actor O Oh Sunny. For some reason, she suddenly came to be the current king's queen. In the photograph, Jang Na Ra appeared with a queen's image, but with an incredible vision. Seeing all the pictures, everyone can not believe that Jang Na Ra is 37 years old and his / her; ready to turn 38.

In addition to his youth and beauty without spending time, Jang Na Ra also has a " Bringing a simple, affectionate and handsome right of noble queen. Decorated in traditional dress from Horn & Horn – Hanbok, Jang Na Ra still have a & # 39; make the audience grow bad and enthusiastic about her beauty.

Look at this picture as a daughter 18 of Jang Na Ra, who wants to believe she was over 37 - Picture 2.

Here is the view Jang Na Ra was ready to leave his mother's house to enter the palace and become a queen. After he appeared on the set by Jang Na Ra, all his crew was surprised at how young it was; she was.

Film crew source said: "Jang Na Ra did a great deal against her unbelievable beauty." I can not believe my eyes when I saw the U40 actress but was like a 20-year-old girl in a suit. Yellow and turquoise Hanbok "South Westerly

The Last Empress runs at 22:00 a.m. (local time) to & # 39; starting on November 21, after completing Heart Surgeons films.

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