Selcuk has deceived Meaning: A decision was taken


[Haber görseli]

Informing the court, police, Yasemin T., as well as Selcuk's false alarm, he said. According to the police Yasemin T., two cases of 650 thousand TL. The police, declaring his ability for him to escape, wanted to keep them out. The court said Yasemin T. should be arrested on a re-visit.

[Haber görseli]


The famous actor, Kyrenia Police Division was going ahead, saying that it was destroyed by the estate owner of the name Yasemin T. He was reported to have been on the police. Yasemin T. 350,000 Turkish tigers sent to a house in Girne but the house was not taken and the money was not returned. Yasemin T. was taken to Kyrenia prison and complained about the way. Yasemin T. said she had received the money as a result of her debt to loan sharks.

After the start-up process, a businessman applied to the police for saying he was scrapped by Yasemin T.

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