Selena Gomez is "reply" to "statement" by Justin Bieber


A friend sets out his position

After that Justin Bierber He admitted that he still feels he feels that Selena Gomez, a friend of the singer, appears to RadarOnline that she wants the Canadian translator to stop talking about him t .

It is not confidential for anyone to have a stormy affair
but Selena spent more time with the interpreter's strengths
of "Sorry".

As if that wasn't enough, Bieber's marriage was to the model Hailey Baldwin It represented the interpreter's translation "Back to you", which is hitting the well – keeping the news of the couple away.

"She does not want to do anything they don't understand why he named it again. He has run away from Justin and Hailey for all expenses, and his family and friends have ensured that that is the case, "stating that Selena's friend is.

"Selena is worried about her own life and she isn't
he's looking Everything is within Justin's wife. Hailey made that commitment
(worrying about Bieber) when he swore to him in illness and
health, "he says.

Health problems

And is that Selena Gomez I have been a little uncomfortable between the three months lupus and the black replanting she received, as well as an emergency that brought in a few months ago to rehabilitate a clinic, as a result of her depression and anxiety.

But the singer never stops and continues to work on progress not only in the personal world – where she is connected with artists such as Zac Efron – but also in the media world. professional, where she continues. harvest fruit.

This has proved that this is the first woman to win more bats, as they know about the competition prizes t Kid's Choice Choice. Selena Gomez has been identified as the favorite at the women's awards ceremony on Tuesday, March 26.

Next projects

A few weeks ago he confirmed that he has been working on a new album and through his social networks he has named a new collaboration t the reggaeton J Balvin.

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