Selina is too frightened and afraid to die. Even 20 days of great revenge Funny NOWnews News today


Corporate energy tower 3
▲ Healthy fitness for 20 days after each other. (Figure / Ren is very beautiful)

Selina is the last "Filling Good Body" program and performs a dance show with two coaches in the program within a limited time as a result of her. registration from registration. After getting the job, Selina used and the two dance coaches stopped. Due to the "build" movement in the & # 39; choreoghemistry, she was too hard to dance and her hands were raised by her; coach for red and blood. Once and not b & # 39; I can find the right clothes, the 8-hour challenge was stable.

In the first program a & # 39; recording, Selina needed to measure the body fat number in front of her camera openly. I did not expect the product to be on the site. I was afraid of the place with all the staff, and the incredible numbers on the body's fatty machine were; making people feel that the machine had a problem. Everyone's response was now encouraging China's attention, think she needed to work hard to reduce body fat and to sink.

▲ Selina dance training. (Figure / Ren is very beautiful)

Then Selina continued fitness for 20 days, 2 hours a day before the final program of the show, with tight control and food cooked with water, the results of these turns are seen as a whole in the tower last 4 minutes and 5 seconds physical education, as well as the results As well as the 13-39 minute development in the first experience, Selina had been tested and finished the challenges calmly, and Everyone saw the 20-day refurbishment.

Selina was looking at the obvious changes in her; her body and muscles that were brought into the army and back. It was astonishing to shout: "The person who sees in the mirror is not. I see my lines become more visible and the shape of my body grows deeper. The previous cloth is getting slower and larger, and I can not fit in the closet! I'm feeling that I have achieved it. "

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