Selman, Satha and Crois appear among their favorite Silents for the Latin American American of Viña del Mar


Open Open 2019 Maui and Sons will go to the 2019 Chilean Surf Tour and Latin American Tour of ALAS (American Association of Professional Surfers). This Friday, January 4 will begin the post that will be in the post. runs until the next Wednesday 9.

The competition will give points to Latino's visit, which will allow the campaigns (after the end of the ALAS Circuit) to enter for a Pan-American Games 2019, Lima, a suitable competition for Tokyo 2020.

As well as distributing awards of $ 15,000, for this opportunity, Maui and Sons, Viña del Mar, 2019 will have three competing divisions: young people, women and open.

Amongst the national experts that appear to be the most difficult to take a Latin American gold medal include: Manuel Selman (Maui and Sons), the five Camerons tours of Sileann Guillermo Satt (Rip Curl) and Viñamarino Maximiliano Cross, defender of the title.

While she is in women, the options are with Arica Lorena Fica (Rip Curl) and Jessica Anderson and Delfina Samaniego pichileminas.

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