Send a password: "Healthy Test. Stop it."


From the end of the week to 30 November, we carry out anonymous test for a week from a week for a HIV infection test. The password for anyone who fears frightening the call of diseases: "Test. It's healthy. Stop it."

In the European Test Week, the test is free, but it's always
also anonymous. Photograph: Piksabay
In the European Test Week, the test is free, but it's always
also anonymous. Photograph: Piksabay

It is a traditional enterprise with a & # 39; A main objective is to get out and to # 39; treating the disease as quickly as possible and preventing the spread of disease to others.

Free and unnamed trials in the campaign

The tests are carried out at Ljubljana Clinic for infectious Diseases and at each regional unit at the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), also at Primorska, where tests are performed in the two divisional departmental medicine centers too.

1000 people in Slavia are spearheaded with thrush, 330 of them do not know they are fitted.

The main purpose of this European cultural initiative is to encourage people who are at risk of catching crannogs to test, and to say that health professionals are more likely to carry out exams . This year they are again expecting a small number of digits; new statements, they recite with NIJZ.

The Ministry of Health Aids Commission demonstrates that exams are at once a major means of successful handling and the prevention of more infections. People affected by early diagnosis can still survive with the disease for years, because high-quality drugs are available.

According to the NIJZ, around one of five people living in Europe live with her; virus hiv, they are not familiar with their disease, and almost everyone knows about it in the late. According to estimates, there are around 1000 people living in Slovenia, about one-third of them do not know about their disease.

The most common broadcasting genre is an uninhabited sex, and men with sex are the main cattle at risk of disease.

Safe species are essential

According to NIJZ, 39 new HIV virus tests in Slovenia were reported last year, which was at least after 2010. The department of statements was also very high last year (44 %), which is ratified year after year.

To guide the disease from hiv is thought to be Irene Klavs with NIJZ the most important promotion to generous and safe behavior. This includes, in particular, the use of a condom and a permanent sex partner to be tested and free from HIV.

Mojca Matičič from the clinic for diseases that will be broadcast to Ljubljana Clinic's sex for infectious Diseases and Disability Conditions, and a test proposal for her / her; virus for everyone who feels they can be open. In particular, exams are praised by men who have had sex species with men.

Matičičeva also focuses on the increase in the number of people affected by hepatitis B and C viruses, as well as other diseases that are drawn to sex. The features of these diseases can be investigated by anyone through the ASPO application.

Along with the usual additional test sites

There are free exams for HIV and hepatitis B and C disease available throughout the year at the Ljubljana Clinic for Infectious Disease Clinic every Monday between 12am and 2pm. This week, there are daily tests every day from 2pm to 3pm.

The Legebitra Information Center for men with men with a weekly hiv test, gonorrhea, syphilis and disease with Hepatitis B and C. viruses.

Details of the test dates can be found at

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