Send the person left to & # 39; car dozens of farm bags into the street


Ha Tinh's networkers are very disturbed, she's boiling her; Looking for a car driver to stop her & # 39; a car that was dumped on farmbags along the road at Cam Xuyen, the Cam Xuyen area, Ha Tinh.

Taxi driver's diagnosis is open, & nbsp; throwing rubbish in the middle of the road

Sitting in a car unfortunately throws rubbish to the road: he can not take pictures

Over the past few days, there are shared sections and pictures at a & # 39; The richly decorated cyber community of a man: a white shirt in the minutes, a black car with 38K-3479 Come Hoi An (behind Hoi An market – Cam Xuyen town). Here the person stopped on his car and took all the bags filled with rubbish from his / her; car thrown into the road and then boarding a direct car.

The ugly behavior of the person was recorded with security camera.

Send the person left to & # 39; car dozens of farm bags into the street
The person who drives his & her; car to the wide open space … (Picture cut from clip)
Send the person left to & # 39; car dozens of farm bags into the street
… then open the door to throw the threw out of the road.

After sharing the cut, the fragile images are screened by peers and express that they are unhappy.

Facebook account has been said urgently: "20,000 VND in a geine shirt does not pay environmental awareness. This activity is similar to the culture!"

Write another account called Nguyen Hung: "It is not inconceivable that a person who looks through pictures is very unhappy and is behavioral behaviors. Ask the authorities to get find out what identity they are going to handle

Nguyen Huu Thang named "Caucasian account": "Folding another garment to his house as well".

On Facebook Facebook, Tung Tinh said that the clip was recorded at 16h04 on 19/11 at the base of the New Bridge, behind her; market, Cam Xuyen – Ha Tinh.

After that, the Ha Tinh community, especially in the Cam Xuyen area has found the person who has a car and a appears in the grid, Mr. T. – an old officer in the section of the People's Chamber of Transition.

In the morning of 21/11, talk to the reporter Dan Tri, Camu Xuyen's public committee stated that Mr T. was the person who threw the rubbish on the road, formerly a Labor Bureau staff – Invalids and Social area collection.

"That behavior is undoubtedly impossible," said the officer.

Accordingly, most of the rubbish is offset; Mr T was to throw out the strong rubbish.

(According to People)

The driver throws rubbish to the street and is thrown by someone else "width =" 145 "height =" 101

The driver throws rubbish out of the road and someone else is thrown

By throwing rubbish into the road, the young person sits on her; car and one other driver thrown into the car.

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