Sending information in & # 39; South end: he is suspicious that the haunt foray moved and would be much more aggressive – 04/01/2019


Mountains can not officially be said, but between professionals suspects to grow that the haunt virus, which has already been possible, may have been in place. 16 people suffer to leave a balance of 6 dead people, to be damaged in respect of the one who, cause the fight of 1996.

This virus would be more aggressive and increase easier.

What will you establish your fear? There is still no positive study of the fact that medical science works on recent facts. It is estimated that Malbrán Institute will have preliminary reports in Buenos Aires in one month or two where it is determined if the virus has been developed.

At the same time, the doctors see that there are elements to believe that the accounts were submitted to a person long and as they spoke. This would indicate a change in behavior in the & # 39; virus that was historically effective in enclosed environments where there were remains of fires from beetles. The literature already has a & # 39; show that sunflowers or intestinal lorries can be damaged; virus.

Although the translators between people who do not just connect to; keeping close ties – conversation, for example – is the most common and frightening situation. If new infections occur in the days ahead, the theory that the virus is now more aggressive is reinforced. In this case, professionals will The hanta would travel in saliva waves. The story of an apocalyptic series with Netflix.

Until now, the number of motions remain at 16, as was totally counted in 1996 in the same range. Around 200 people residing alone are homes in Epuyén (Chubut), Most of the relatives or friends are the first group of people who are allowed. They represent 10% of the local population.

Depending on you could find out Clarin, Patient 0 is considered to be a rural employee commissioned for cleaning shed that has not been used for a long time. The person would have been working by leaving the closed door behind him against the healthy suggestions made in his / her; Cordillera.

This person was one of the guests who attended on November 3 to a teenage birthday that turned 14 in a quincho in Epuyén. Medical wells reported that there were infections between 5 and 8 people in the same room. The others were contaminated in regular meetings in other houses.

The Chubut authorities created a diagram that had access to this newspaper, where there is a change of issues from a patient from 0 to 16 in detail. The result is a breakdown, according to a & # 39; graph, Patient 0 of the party.

"What is likely to cause the illness or force to virus from person to person. Here's something different: a record case and then the mind from someone to someone, "said Leonardo Gil, hospital director in Bariloche, to a news conference.. For his, his colleague, doctor Fernando Tortosa, asked that deep checks have to be done; reinforce behavioral modes. "We talk at a molecular level and that's time." A 7-year-old boy from Epuyén, moved from Esquel, is still in hospital in this city. "He's already getting better, he's been tenth of his hospital and has months of his fever but he's changing well," said Clarín to health sources.

In this same health center, her mother was in hospital, and her father was dropped into Esquel's hospital. The relatives of the teenager who died on December 3 in the Epuyenes of the three.

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