Senegal is getting a & # 39; The first NBA training center in Africa


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The new facility, which shows two inner basketball courts, a multi-agency activity center, a help room, conference rooms and bedrooms and educational facilities, A major training venue for the Afghan NBA Academy across the continent, the league said in a statement.

"We are delighted to open this new Saly venue for the NBA Academy's African opportunities," said Amadou Gallo Fall, former leader and NBA's African leader.

"This facility allows players from across the continent with cutting-edge courts and training equipment, under the care of the NBA coaches and our academia in the world," he said.

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The African NBA Academy is run in partnership with the SEED Project (Sport for Education and Economic Development), a Senegal, nonprofit group that will host Using basketball as a platform to celebrate young people in academic programs, athletics and leadership.
The center's youth is hoping to continue through Senegal's native Gorgui Dieng measures, which are the students of the SEED Project, and continue to go on to go to. trying to deal with around $ 64 million with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2016.

The publication is part of the NBA's policy for educating talented youngsters, 14-20 year olds, with facilities open in Australia, China, India, Mexico from October 2016.

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