Senegal M. Mbodjis slàn by Vilnius "Žalgiris"


For the three seasons, there is a guardian from Mamambou Mamadou Mbodjis, with a T-shirt from the "Žalgiris" Football Club, which welcomes a club. capital after completing its contract.

The football that won the titles in Lithuanian in the "Žalgiris" started in the beginning of 2016 when it was purchased from Belgrade's "Crvena zvezda". The middle of the field grew to become a member of the team quickly and became an important part.

"These three years were brilliant. I'm not upset when I left Zalgiris, because we've achieved a lot. We won the league, we won the Cup, we won The club is high. I am pleased to have received the title of Žalgiris as many titles as may be in Lithuania. This club allowed to showcase their abilities, Believe me. I never forget what Zalgiris did for me, "said M. Mbodjis.

In the last season of the A team, Senegalis played 29 matches as he succeeded one goal and made one move. The defenders highlighted in the European League competition with Klaksvik.

"It's a good decision to get" Žalgiris ". It's true we're sorry in Serbia, and there are new opportunities to open here. Without help from Žalgiris, this would not be possible. Sin Mamadou, I am now thank Zalgiris. When I find myself wherever in the world, I always say that. I will not forget -that when someone is struggling to me, "he continued.

All-won "Zalgiris" shirt, M. Mbodjis played 117 matches, sent nine visitors to him and put three successful solutions.

Inhibiting a club of capital, the defendant also thanked the supporters in particular: "I did not expect to scan a single day name, and I would stand up and sing together. I did not even have such a thought and it was fantastic. At the same time I have given everything to myself , and we all struggled for our dreams together. I am grateful for all the support and their attendance together. We would not have received support from the supporters. "

Žalgiris thank Mrs. Mboddy wants his job, his duty and help him to achieve his goals, and he does not just do it; wishes to succeed her best.

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