"A job for Macky Sall to be astonishment of the Murdo community (…) I (president) at the end of the second visit"

By passing Mbacké Kayor, an applicant has a & # 39; "Madick 2019" partnership to ensure that it never "enters" trust "to campaigners. "" Working for Macky Sall, he would blast her & # 39; massacre community. I have never paid that way, "he was sure of his / her first seconds of his intervention.
The foreign minister promised to say "he would respect him". "I did what I needed to do, I found that my application was another option and President Macky Sall does not have control," he said, a & # 39; affirming him to continue at all stages of the president's marathon until 24 February.

"There is a wealth around me, that is why I'm sure I will be the president after the second round, and many people have promised to support me," said the applicant, partnership. Madame 2019 "…

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