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Abolition of PM, a new degree of state attack (Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne)

Dakar, 6 April (APS) – Cancellation of the Prime Minister takes a final step towards a state policy that President Macky Sall wants to press his second term, says chief of the government t Mamemed Maid Abdallah Dionne, on Saturday, set up a new government to bring this reform to a successful conclusion.

"The head of the state has asked me to prepare in the future, as soon after the government's membership, to complete this radical reform to join the best in the state. T The Prime Minister is a prime minister, ”he said.

According to Mahammed Dionne, it came "a new time, when a better state of administration for the administration is given just as the head of the state often speaks through a development management idea".

In this sense, the removal of the position of Prime Minister also allows "faster reforms", so that they can have greater impact "for the people of Senegalese," said the government head. T .

According to the Prime Minister, the head of state wants "to start major administrative reforms already with the top-level of the activity", with the aim of "reducing the barriers to spread information more widely," she added. In the end, President Mack Sall's great ambition to thrive through the PES, which forms the basis of programs for his Marathon, will be hugely influential. "

Former Secretary of the Republic's General Secretary, Maxime Jean Simon Ndiaye, now Secretary General of the Government, says this decision "is compatible with recent results by the Head of State". through which he demonstrated his desire to bring a new lease of life in public affairs, which he believes has been tough but gives look after “the essential state missions”.

"So, to prove the public transformation of Senegal, through governance first, the head of state decided to establish a decisive leader in the management of the executive by introducing the standard of education for his records. T as the government, a decision center that represents or includes the President of the Republic and its services, "he explained.

It decides that the decision-making process, but also the scrutiny and evaluation of "decisions" will be more radically changed.

"This is the state relocation from the first stage," he said, "that's the reason why the head of state believes it was appropriate to reconsider the intermediate level of transmission and transmission." the leadership of government in charge of the First Minister role being in direct communication with the administrative standards that are responsible for implementation, but also for its implementation ”.

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