BRYSSEL and FURIOUS FRANCIS are the best practices

We'll return to Vincennes this Wednesday for Quinté with his & her; European paper for the horses that are opposed to a debate about 2100m of leaving a & # 39; The Great Trail. They are 18 at the beginning of this Europe, which include 9 to start the front line. We are very careful about walks on this route to start with BRYSSEL, a Swedish son of 7 years old with Ready Cash and who is committed to being very strong on the distance he is on; This course with his sulky councilor. And aware of the second producer of Bjorn GOOP as it is possible to start the second line, this FURIOUS FRANCIS has just shown that he knew how to change this image of the Big Walk and the shortened and then left to launch his interests!

The Base:
We can not blame her since he returned to Vincennes to her; This winter came to 3 times, it has set up a name and 2 seconds and whatever the recommended distance, a small or large route. It is still very successful in 1 & # 39; & # 39; 3 on this course and with the edge it has emerged, it's a & # 39; again promises to be very difficult to hit in & # 39; Against this even with the 8 behind her car.

The TQQ Exterior:
The second measure of Bjorn GOOP in this Quintet, this son of love. You can be 8 years old; old and you need to start the second line, it still looks like it can not be done; runs only up to 2700m where it finds Vincennes and the Big Track. He has already been hitting Mellby Drake in Sweden; disappeared and can be surprised in Europe.

She has just returned to success by getting her & # 39; This course of 2100m leaves from the Big Trail which she is particularly interested in. respect. She built 1 & # 39; 12 & # 39; & # 39; 2, her best personal character and already with JMB sulky. It can only confirm in this lottery in particular that she has been re-activated to # 39; get the excellent number 2 behind her car.

She did not see it from December 30 and the 4th beautiful place on this course won in 1 & # 39; 12 with the 7 in the front row, and so submit to his / her best. This time she got the 4th and her insurance at this stage of the meeting is insured. He relied on Yoann LEBOURGEOIS and again brought him barefoot, she promised to be very strong in her. This competition and is deserved to be kept well.

Franck NIVARD was suspended, he still wanted to keep his students involved in the & # 39; Quinté this because he loved this course where he had taken an event in early December to & # 39; 1 1 & 1 & 3; It has been a bit wrong at this one-time course but by beginning with 9. It will try to be provided by 1 and we can rely on Mathieu's format MOTTIER wants to find out how to give him a good course.

Despite the number 10 in the second row, we are aware of the 7th anniversary of a Viking country that proves in this meeting that it is a great opportunity for its & This course leaves 2100m from the Big Pit. He finished the second thing on December 12 in a period of 11 and # 6; which gives him the first theory theory in his & # 39; lot. Due to the success of today's Alexandre ABRIVARD, he dealt with the best in this Quintet.

Perhaps one of the richest people of the lot, despite 8 years, is still in a position; Look at this kind of meeting because he found a course where he was 1 & 11; April last year. Matthieu ABRIVARD did not think he could run as a result of his / her. But suddenly he benefits his casualties for the event and expects to make a good show even to the event; start in the second curtain.

Here is another stranger that can appear clearly in this winter meeting as it still identifies a time of 1/24m on the opening This great deal for Vincennes for his first time. It will be more than just start up and launch this short-term business if Gabriele GELORMINI gives him the right course; Despite number 11 in the second line, its part is still astonishing.

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