Case Guédiawaye FC – CAS decision, Diamil Faye challenges and challenges; opposed Cameroonian

President of the Jappo Association, Faye, challenged the decision of the TAS Sport Interposition Court and argues that the "Confederation for Sport Court (CAS) decision is totally inconsistent. Talk to the media, this Thursday at Foyer Hamo 4 of Guédiawaye, President Diamil Faye believes "the fight is far from being".
According to the location Jappo SA, Diamil Faye, the CAS has only determined the confirmation and consolidation of the National Chamber of Debating Debate from the Senegalese Football Federation (CNRL). This decision decided to support the Guédiawaye society for adversely affecting the Olymppo by Diamil Faye who defeats the CAS before fighting.

President Diamil Faye considers the decision of the Confederation Court for Sport to be totally inconsistent. Indeed, "the first inconvenience, the one who tried in Dakar, came as a witness in Lausanne," a & # 39; explains Diamil Faye, who says "not the person involved but Amega, who was the president of the Café commission. In addition, he believes that "Amega was born in Cameronian to get a chair with the Seer Saer. Situation that gave the Diamond's decision fair ".

Diamil continues on its & # 39; Confirmation of decision of decision (CNRL), misleading bankruptcy to & # 39; contract with society and to Jupiter abolished: "Tell me that a person can not show me that I say the CNRL has a" left "word, I will put my hand over her Churain to make the complaint This is a refusal, which is not true. So I prove it clearly and clearly, we have never given us the right.

Diamil Faye and his family warned that the fight is far from identifying their battle. "We can take hold of the Swiss court, if we want, we can even go to the appropriate courts, it means we can go to the Senegal courts as ECOWAS. I can make sure that the fight is far from being ", telling the president of Japan.

In memory, the CAS has rejected all applications from Diamil Faye and his group Jappo s.a governing Guédiawaye FC. Therefore, the CAS has decided to determine the decision of the National Chamber of Contemplation Resolution (CNRL) of the Senegalese Football Federation.

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