Chicago Hebdo: bl, mas and soya to come out completely; focus on it

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CHICAGO (awp / afp) – Expand this Soybean, wheat and imperial prices this week in Chicago because there is a doubt about quick decisions between speeches between Beijing and Washington to come light, 39; more shoes to learn about the home on Friday. .

"New doubts about a trade union between China and the United States" have been refurbished in brokers' minds this week, Allendale retailers said.

Although the prices of the three agricultural products were up on the week ending on Wednesday, they were not getting rid of a Thursday nose suddenly when the US Government said that the US President Donald Trump would not & # 39; meet Xi Jinping equivalent by March 1.

This date is crucial because it will see the end of the 90-day compromise that was negotiated between the largest economic in the world in December, where there were no tolls of consumer goods.

The danger now seeks to strengthen US sanctions as soon as this date is passed, and that it will affect the purchase of US soybean with China, the leading US customers in the area here to the end. 2017.

This week, Beijing bought 3.8 million tonnes of US dolphin, according to figures from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), which marked its recent effort to " go back with US oil oil after moving for several months.

But it is estimated that the movements are busy with many brokers. This disappointment speed was confirmed later Friday by the USDA in the monthly report (Wasde) on the supply and demand of agricultural products.

"The USDA has reduced the US export statement, which shows that the regional analysts have not been encouraged by selling recently to Beijing," said Bill Nelson, of Advisory Services Doane.

However, it has been reviewed on global precision lists, especially in Argentina, to encourage a small revival on Friday. However, "that does not change that stocks are very high despite that," said Nelson.


The Friday wheat market was built, although the news on the trade war had been influenced during the week.

USDA 's monthly report noted that "the winter area was not spawning due to excessive water and cool temperatures during the spawning season".

But what did the prices increase in particular on Friday, in the opinion of Mr Nelson, to name Egypt's purchases of 120,000 tonnes of wheat in the US. "It's been a long time since the United States tried to sell wheat for the Egyptians, so the market welcomes the news Okay, "said the specialist.

Terrorism fell slightly on Friday after the USDA's monthly report was released. Global record statements are above the expectations.

In all, this report "did not disturb anyone and did not reveal any surprise," said Nelson.

Shoes waited vigorously, which had been profited from economic data for weeks due to & # 39; and the administrations were terminated, the "shutdown".

The corn bushel (about 25 kilograms) moved for delivery in March, the largest contract that was sold, Friday at the session to 3.7475 dollars against 3.7825 dollars last Friday at & # 39 ; the end.

The wheat bushel for March, and the most active trade, had 5,1600 dollars against 5.2425 dollars at the end of the previous week.

There was a bushel of shiùban for me, March, & # 39; largest contract, trade, & # 39; sold at 9,1150 dollars against 9,1775 dollars last Friday at the end of the session.

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