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One week after the end of the 9 season, M6 will offer season 10 of its subscribers NCIS: Los Angeles. The chance to find out not to & # 39; Waiting to continue the stories of Callen, Sam, Kensi, Deeks and the others in these new programs.

NCIS: Los Angeles, season 10 – Release date

Gift of 10 NCIS: Los Angeles which was launched on 30 September, 2018 on the US channel CBS. In France, it will be recorded on M6 from Saturday, February 16, for at least the first part of the programs.

NCIS: Los Angeles, season 10 – Latest news

Linda Hunt (NCIS: Los Angeles) makes sure that its fans are to make sure about her situation: Linda Hunt has taken a serious disaster away from the seats. They were worried, fans were scared and so their actress was inspired.

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NCIS: Los Angeles, season 10 – Actors

If most of the top actors in the series are back, the fans need to be used as an absentee. In fact, her actress Linda Hunt, who plays Hetty, has little showcase in season 10 of NCIS: Los Angeles. There was so much that American fans were worried, and thought their character was written from the show.

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but Linda Hunt They noted: it was for health reasons that she had to move away from film seats. "I'd like to start by giving thanks to the fans for the many messages they received after the summer car crash," she wrote in a statement in November 2018. "Even though I hope to be able to play Hetty again at the beginning of the season. I had to take more time to get back in. I can not wait to get back to the mid season. " That's why Hetty has gone for a lot of season 10 and he only heard his voice in the first episode.

NCIS: Los Angeles, season 10 – Intrigues

At the beginning of the season, Mosely (Our Long) he has to fly to save part of the team, at a risk in Mexico where Callen, Sam, Deeks and Kensi left for a mission without trying to find his son. To overcome Hetty's absenteeism, Deputy Director Louis Ochoa (Esai Morales) which will guide the work.

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