Did you follow the pictures of the new season? Try it with our quiz!

They are thirteen (ten men and three women) to open their heart Karine an Merchant : all of them are part of the new season There is love in the gardenand we'll meet them again in a few months once and then; They got the job, went on quickly and then. Welcoming the tourists to find out what their physical activity was. Some were making M6 guest smile, others have moved specially. If you've saved the pictures, released Monday, January 28 and yes, Monday, February 4, you should not have any problem answering the questions; we ask you in quiz. For example, did you remember the name of the farmer who fills on a physicAnna Hidalgo, mariner of Paris? Do you remember the name of the single person who has a & # 39; use – with passion! – Canicross? One of the farmers said he was scared to tell his mother that he was attending There is love in the garden, tell us who? Come on, it's time to prove your experience with our quiz!

⋙ Tha Love in 2018: Sylvie, who previously struggled with Patrice, wanted to … the Elysee! (Video)

Note that the audience side, for their first lunar photos, Monday, January 28, There is love in the garden 3.46 million inquiries organized for the first issue of the evening. Yesterday, they were 3.37 million supporters to find out about the last 6 farmers of the 2019 organization.

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