El Hadj Sall, Pur100 nominee: "I'm going to review some of the contracts submitted by Macky Sall"

Despite the cold and long-term cold, the Pur activists welcomed Issa Sall to meet the front of the Caroline Faye stadium playground at Mbour. Post-holder, Monday after 23 hours, came to his / her; Note that Mbour has a significant potential. That's why, if elected, he promises to build this area in the area. According to it, it can only go quickly with fishing and tourism, Mbour quickly. It took advantage of the move to be surprised by "the hardness of recording the regime oil and gas agreements". However, Macky Sall defeated the country because he gave everything to foreign countries. "Mr Sall said:" Today we have French brands that have attacked all sectors of our economy. We have signed bids but we need to support the players in our business to deal with. No one can develop the country for us. "El Hadj promised that the state would protect the fishermen to avoid the disasters at sea and that fishermen are better equipped so they can find the cannons at sea. At sea accidents We're a big record. It would put a battle on air to watch the dogs, "he said.
For the tourism sector, he praised the development of our local tourism culture and promotion so that Senegal can get hotels at a lower cost. But for the real candidate, a country can not improve without its main department and that is; go through agriculture. "Everything in Senegal is doing exports overseas and this does not create a better value for our country. Our clothes are on is sold to Chinese and Malayaia who will come back to sell the oil. That's why we are going to install a united system in the country to strengthen the nation's economy, "it's ; praised.
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