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Excluded. He is not seen from the Chef! After Alastair has wounded, Baptiste tells that they have fully achieved the "last chance"

After six weeks of competition, Baptiste left the competition Head chef. Last chance to celebrate with a ceremony: the firefighters had to take care of his competitor Alexia after being cut off. Everything was needed, and they aren't told about it in the program … t

These two episodes are well known Head chef has been better off … After a challenge Philippe Etchebest and tried to guess the size of the black box; Baptized but the last opportunity went to him. He was with him Alexia, candidate for the brigadeHélène Darroze. And it is the last final that both cooks have to meet: Alexia has had a knife with a knife. If this scene was shown in the program that was launched this Wednesday, 13 March, the two candidates were unaware that they would repeat the test the following day. This is the photograph which shows Baptism. The young man is also back on his journey.

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Baptiste: It is a piece of double sword. On one side, I was not surprised. I don't know why, I felt! That's why I leave a smile. In contrast, of course, it is a disappointment as we want to go as far as possible. After that, I didn't have the competition in my mind and eventually I made my way. Behind him, I had the restaurant to pay attention to it. The war was on loan and loan records. I know the best thing to do is to come.

We would have seen it go much further …

That's right, everyone was thinking about the candidates. I have a style that differentiates, particular societies that you may miss or not. For the lawyer, I follow my thing. I just did what I wanted to do. My hope of coming Head chef he was to give my person. That's what I did from start to finish.

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Do you understand the judges?

By the time I got back, my plate had no light. That was really what I wanted to do. I felt something of a misunderstanding but later it is a question about choice and vision. There were two different routes in it. It forms part of the game! I was going to make the presentation, I accepted the game 100%.

Alexia is seriously injured. Has this disaster occurred?

Yes, clearly. We will re-test the test the next day. I was asked if I agreed to repeat the test and I said "yes". I could say "no, it's not part of my job but it's not my style! Even though I chose the kitchen of standing up Head chefI cut myself and had 8 loops. And I still managed to complete my 45-minute race. After that, I suppose that, when we stopped the race, I had gone up.

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Are you content with the picture you are returning?

Actually! I had been working on it before I went to the show without letting myself go before the cameras, I wanted to stay as natural as possible.

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Some have been able to say that the result was not faithful they waited for them. What do you think?

We do Head chefwe know that the figure we are about to send is not 100% masters. We know him. We have to say what we say and what we do. The exhibition is a wonderful and beautiful experience and you need to know how to use it correctly.

What do you remember from this experience?

It was a good exercise before the cameras. For me, I was starting to open my restaurant before the team contacted me. This gave me the opportunity to book my place for the first opening months. That makes some wonder, surely. I nominated my restaurant to make it work at the same time as the work was done Head chef.

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