Facebook was convicted for its rude and illegal behavior

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Paris District Court (TGI) fine to pay 30,000 euro for the UFC-Quebec t compensation for the irreversible damage caused to the general interest of users "Of the 430 clauses of the general terms of use referred to, almost all were deemed to be" impolite "or" illegal ", according to the association's release.

UFC-Que criticized Facebook among others "to use for free" and "re-use free of charge by the content created by its users", to conserve the data forever after removing their account or amending the terms and conditions without notifying them or requiring their agreement. t

What does that mean

" This is an old issue that goes back to 2014, concerning policies and terms of use that have since been changed and that are therefore obsolete. ", Reply to Facebook spokesman to AFP." It is essential for Facebook to ensure that our devices and services are clear, and that our customers are clear. That is why we have developed and substantiated our common conditions, which were reviewed and welcomed by the European Commission and Chief Executive for Competition, Customer Affairs t and Fraud Control (DGCCRF). He also said.

The DGCC said on Wednesday also that the European Commission and itself would be. T have introduced Facebook to make a big difference to its terms of use "They now need to be shaped into a shape introduce a clear and easily understandable language to users "In line with the social network's commitment, the new provisions will be made before the end of June. T

The context

Established in 2014 by an audience of consumers about the unfair terms, TGI Paris had refused to pay on Twitter and Google for 30,000 euro to the UFC-Quebec in August 2018 and February. 2019.

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