FNBS for cleaning of baking area

Dakar April 12 (APS) – The President of the Senegal National Bakers' Federation (FNBS), Amadou Gaye, has invited public authorities to cancel the division that shot weapons. bread-bread.

'; It is essential that the State takes all the necessary steps to clear the sector and organize the competition between the bakers to avoid anarchy in the chain series, he said, at a ceremony. newspaper conversations.

“We had carried out consultations to see how to apply laws and decisions that govern the shop to clean the department,” he said.

For Amadou Gaye, '; these important measures should strike the result of a conflict between profits, statutory restrictions, public service, protected jobs and worsening competition in an adverse situation; .

Speaking about the current crisis in the region, the millers have increased the price of meal from 16200 to 18500 FCFA.

You'll; Prices between 18200 and 18500 suggest that FCF in Dakar discusses issues such as the transport, treatment and fringe of the retailer for those who don't have an accountant level, explains: t Prices are up to 19,000 FCFA at departmental level.

'They can set their prices with their costs, so why bakers can't go?' He asked.

For him, the argument is not that the authorities 'argument is that there are millers on the right because of the divinity, because they are manufacturers and bakers' partners. the price structure # 39; # 39; .

In a qualifications system; if prices are moving, the price is lowest for the price review, but the 2014 recording, which is now not reviewed, is old-fashioned and unforeseen, he said. gaining support.

FNBS is not going out on strike in the days ahead for three days unless the state takes an interim order to temper mediation and there is a problem of enforcement t suitability for preparation to be set up. '

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