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Ford Blanquefort: The Chief Executive is to focus on the future of the site

"We are sorry to accept this offer," said the Minister for Finance and Finance following a meeting in Bercy with representatives of local elected staff and officers about the site located in the Bordeaux towns.

"Ford (…) idea is unfair to a large business group," he said by appointing a working group that combines state representatives, trade unions and local communities to "add all our energy to think about the future of the site's business ".

Ford previously decided to Ford Aquitaine Industry (FAI) staff to refresh the latest version of their revival. Punch Powerglide Belgian group.

The Belgian group, the only applicant for the inclusion of these automated garden bags, was on the # 39; This new plan was presented last week, after many of the replications suffered from an American car manufacturer.

The Punch project, which is susceptible to maintaining around 400 jobs out of 850 on the site, has received support from the French government as well as its. Most of the unions.


Bruno Le Maire was recited in December even though the idea is that there is a temporary national relay to ensure the transition between Ford and Punch.

But this solution is not appropriate, the minister said Monday, saying that he "is made aware of the acceptance of the offer for restart (because) the State does not He does not expect to do garden boxes ".

"We will continue to fight for a financial compensation from Ford", whether it is for staff, to do it; polluting the site or by bringing the necessary property for the land reform, said Bruno Le Maire.

The first plan for defense work (PSE) was rejected by the Divisional Directorate for Enterprise, Competition, Business, Labor and Employment (Director) Affairs on 28 January for procedural reasons, but Ford has A new social plan will be submitted on 11 February, and the event must be set by 4 March.

"We asked that the PSE would not agree," said the CGT representative, Philippe Poutou, told the media after his meeting in Bercy.

But according to the former Anti-Capitalist Party Party (NPA) advocate in the leadership elections in 2012 and 2017, "the state acknowledges that there is no argument without agreeing to the PSE. "

"The story is a bit tough because the PES has not been accepted on January 28 but the same PES – usually it's just the same – it can be agreed on March 4," he said lamenting " power of staff "face" of the state.

Ford plans to finalize his plant at the end of August.

(Myriam Rivet, edited by Yves Clarisse)

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